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General Statement

The Union WELL Inc., is committed to operating the University Union and The WELL in a manner which limits the possibility of accident, injury or illness. In the event of an accident to an employee, Sacramento State’s Office of Human Resources or University enterprise Inc.  (As appropriate) must be informed immediately.

Guidelines and Procedures

The attached Sacramento State Accident Report form must be completed when a customer, employee, or guest is involved in an accident or illness within the Union or WELL buildings, or if an employee is injured (when on duty) outside the Union or WELL buildings. Each department manager will make available copies within their department. Additionally, copies will be carried on the Building Supervisor’s clipboard and forms may be obtained from the Union Administrative Office or WELL Administrative Office whenever needed.

Each form, when completed, should be immediately forwarded to the Director of either the Union or The WELL. The Director’s office will forward to the Executive Director when warranted. . The Director's office will maintain a file copy and will photocopy and forward other necessary copies to appropriate offices or agencies as noted at the bottom of the form.

Please note all possible details of each event, and complete the form in detail as quickly as possible during or after the event. Particular attention should be given to the supervisor's report portion of the form.

Additional forms may be required for UEI or ASI employees normally working within the Union or The WELL, or for employees of the University, or an outside contractor who may be temporarily working within the Union or The WELL. However, in all cases the filing of the Sacramento State report is also required.

See UEI (State Compensation Insurance Fund) form attached and use for all University Union staff employed by UEI.

Change History

Adopted: September 1976

Updated: December, 1985

Updated: May 9, 2002

Updated: December 2, 2009

Updated: February 19, 2014







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