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General Statement


The purpose of the Union WELL Inc. Permanent Art Collection is to increase artistic appreciation and enjoyment of the Union and the WELL by the members of the University community.  It also expands interests and understanding across a broad range of cultural and social backgrounds, promote aesthetic and cultural development opportunities for students, and integrate art into the daily living environment of the University Union.

Guidelines and Procedures

Acquisition Process

The Design, Identity and Studio Manager is responsible for visual arts, implements this program, accepts proposals, continuously locates and recommends works to be acquired as part of this program to the Union and WELL Directors or the Union Well Inc. Executive Director.

Utilizing direct purchases, grants, purchase award shows, and donated works, this program locates, selects and provides permanent display for works of art.  All areas of the University Union and the WELL, where appropriate security and presentation is possible, are to be considered for display, with such works becoming an integral part of each area.

The Director of each facility reviews recommended works, their acquisition, costs, and available locations for display.  Based on availability of funds, appropriateness of work to display area, and the guidelines below, recommends to the Executive Director, acquisition.  For purchases over $5,000, review with the Board of Directors, and as necessary, with experts in the field of the work is recommended.

Guidelines For Acquisition

  1. The collection should include works by recognized professional artists.
  2. Efforts must be made to include works by faculty, staff and alumni of Sacramento State.
  3. Normally, student works should be acquired through entry into, and purchase, as part of the Annual Student Purchase Award Show.
  4. Works must compliment the building, the selected display area and be appropriate as to size and scale.
  5. Works recommended for acquisition must be able to be secured from loss, damage, and vandalism with appropriate and affordable insurance available.
  6. Donations, as well as purchases, will be considered.
  7. Works indigenous to, or by artists, from the Sacramento Valley, Northern California, the CSU, and Sacramento State have priority for acquisition.
  8. Media included must be broad and varied to include, but not limited to, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, fiber, multimedia, and sculpture.
  9. Acquisitions must act to complement and enhance the educational, social, and cultural program and environment of the University Union and/or the WELL.
  10. An appropriate location for and method of display must exist prior to acquisition.
  11. The University Union and the WELL will be primarily concerned only with the acquisition of works for the interior of the respective facilities.  Only interior locations are to be considered without prior approval by the appropriate campus planning committees and individuals.


Actual costs, or budgetary limit not to exceed $5,000 per year, would be allocated for this program.  If specific works, their acquisition, and costs to prepare the piece for display  are known prior to the annual budget cycle, then those costs, typically not to exceed $5,000, would be identified.  If specific acquisitions and/or costs are not known at the time of budget development, then a $5,000 transfer would be made to a special reserve for art selections to be identified later.  Additional fund grants to support this program would be requested from alternate sources whenever practical.  Impact on overall Union WELL Inc. insurance costs must be considered, with availability, and funding for such insurance determined prior to acquisition.

Administrative Follow-up

Acquisitions must be identified by artist and with donor’s name, if any.  Works must be inventoried, insured, and maintained as part of the regular University Union or WELL operations.

Previous titles: Building a Permanent Art Collection Within the University Union; Permanent Art Collection  

Change History

Adopted: May 1987

Adopted: May 9, 2002

Adopted: November 7, 2012

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