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General Statement

The Student Purchase Award Show is an annual art exhibit, which is an integral part of the overall University Union Art Gallery series. This show, which is only open for current CSUS students to enter, is traditionally held as the last exhibit of the Spring Semester each year. The Student Purchase Award Show is designed specifically for three purposes:

  1. Provide CSUS students the opportunity to exhibit their work in a professional gallery environment.
  2. To afford the possibility that these students may have their art purchased and/or win cash prizes for their work.
  3. Assist in building the inventory of the University Union Permanent Art Collection by purchasing two student pieces each year.

Guidelines and Procedures

Entry Information

  1. Open to all students currently enrolled at CSUS. CSUS I.D. with a current sticker must be presented with entry.
  2. A nominal fee per item (cash, check or money order) payable to the University Union at time of entry (Money orders are available at the ASI Business Office on the third floor of the University Union.)
  3. Limit of two entries per artist.
  4. Entries must be original works.
  5. Two-dimensional entries are de€ned as any work executed on flat media or sculpture, which is designed to be mounted on a wall, is made of a permanent and durable material, and does not protrude from the wall or have protruding parts to the extent, which would cause potential harm to the public or the piece. Two-dimensional sculpture is accepted at the sole discretion of the University Union. Entries must be ready for hanging with suitable hardware in place (canvasses on stretchers, photographs and works on paper framed or clipped behind glass, plexi or equivalent.) All entries must be dry. Entries may have no dimensions larger than 48 inches.
  6. Three-dimensional entries must fit through a standard doorway, must have no dimension larger than 72 inches, and weigh no more than 150 pounds.
  7. No entry accepted for the exhibit may be withdrawn from the show prior to the closing date of the exhibit.
  8. Media accepted—any permanent material safe for public display.
  9. The Gallery supervisor will market to the campus in general with a specific emphasis to the Art Department and their students.

Entry Fees

Students are required to pay a nominal entry fee for each piece submitted to the show. The collection of these fees are to be handled as follows:

  1. Entry fees are collected by the Gallery student attendant during predetermined and advertised days. The entry fee is collected at the time of submission of the piece.
  2. Entry fees may be paid for by cash, money order, or personal check made payable to the University Union.
  3. A receipt is given to each entrant by the Gallery attendant.
  4. At the end of each day, the Gallery Program Advisor (or designee) reconciles the revenues for the day against the list of pieces submitted.
  5. After the two-day submission period, the Program Advisor deposits the revenue received into the appropriate Gallery revenue account at the ASI Business Office. A receipt of deposit is the kept on file b the Program Advisor.

Delivery and Pick up of Work

Two-dimensional entries are accepted at the University Union Gallery during the posted times. Special drop off times, may be made in advance with the University Union Program Advisor, and are subject to Union employee schedules and need to be prior to the drop-off deadline.

Due to limited storage space three-dimensional entries are not to be brought to the Gallery. Prints or 35mm slides of work (maximum of three views per work) are to be submitted for consideration. Prints/slides should be labeled with artist name, title of work, media, dimensions, and an indication of which end is up. Prints/slides are submitted with the entry form during the entry period listed for two-dimensional entries. Those artists chosen to exhibit must deliver their work to the University Union Gallery during the posted times.

Artists not chosen for the show must claim their pieces on either Thursday or Friday of the week prior to the show. Photo I.D. must be presented when picking up entries.

Artists chosen for the show may pick their work up after the show at the University Union Gallery during the posted times. Photo I.D. must be presented when picking up entries. Entries not picked up within thirty days after the close of the Student Purchase Award Show, should be considered abandoned and becomes the property of the University Union, and may be disposed of at the discretion of the Union.


"Best of Show" (1st, 2nd 3rd) are selected solely on the basis of artistic quality. Two-dimensional works may be purchased and publicly displayed as part of the permanent art collection of the University Union. The works selected for Purchase Awards are chosen using three criteria:

  1. Artistic quality.
  2. Adaptability into the University Union permanent collection.
  3. The relative price of the piece.

The University Union reserves the right to negotiate prices of pieces selected for Purchase Awards. Should the 1st, 2nd, and/or 3rd "Best of Show" not be one of the Purchase Awards, the artist should receive a cash award.


A visual arts professional (not currently a student, faculty or staff member of CSUS) will be chosen to evaluate all entries for:

  1. Inclusion in the Student Purchase Award Show.
  2. The above mentioned awards.


Though every reasonable precaution is taken, the University Union assumes no responsibility for loss or damage from any cause. Artists are responsible for their own insurance.


The University Union charges a commission fee of 15% of the purchase price on all works sold from the University Union Gallery (artists receive 85% of the selling price of the work). Artists have the option to designate works "Not for Sale," although works not for sale are ineligible for purchase awards. Pricing need to reflect fair market value.

Change History

Adopted: May 9, 2002

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