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General Statement

The University Union Gallery displays short-term exhibits and is open to, and utilized by, all members of the campus community and is administered through Collaborative Services. Faculty, departmental, and alumni work as well as that of local, regional, national, and international artists are to be a part of the program. Persons wishing to contribute or recommend shows, exhibits or displays are encouraged to contact the Collaborative Services Office.

Student Gallery Attendants are employed to provide supervision and security as well as a positive environment for all persons who visit the Gallery. Certain guidelines and regulations have been established to ensure that the proper attitude, appearance, and atmosphere are presented to each customer who uses the Gallery.


Criteria For Accepting a Show For Display

All shows, displays and works must be reviewed in advance of showing and deemed appropriate for exhibit in the Gallery. Shows are only to be accepted for display with the prior review and approval of the Design and Visual Communication Staff, or designee of the Director of Collaborative Services. Exhibits are not to be shown simply on behalf of the artist or to serve the gallery coordinator’s individual interest; however, any recommended artist will be given equal consideration towards being a part of the Union’s exhibit schedule.

Several different exhibits are scheduled over the course of the academic year. General criteria for acceptance include:

  1. Works have "art" as a basic premise. They must be considered as creative, professional, and artistic in nature.
  2. Variety and diversity:
    1. Wide scope of mediums:
      1. Two-dimensional (oils, watercolor, acrylic, photo, mixed, innovative, etc.)
      2. Three-dimensional (sculpture/creations from a variety of materials).
      3. Unusual/unique (i.e. carousel horses, wearing apparel, etc. which have an artistic basis).
    2. Broad cross-section of cultural/ethnic origins.
    3. Different sources for exhibits: 
      Local and regional artists, national traveling exhibits (Smithsonian, etc.), artist cooperatives/groups, Sacramento State alumni, etc.

Whether or not a specific show (or proposal for a show,) meets these general criteria is determined by the Design and Visual Communication unit of Collaborative Services.

Student Art Displays

Recognizing that the University provides a gallery for student shows as an academically related function, and since they also provide a main campus gallery to serve the educational mission of the University, the Union will avoid conflict and duplication of programs with these facilities and exhibits. The exhibit areas of the Union are not be utilized to provide academic space solely for the purpose of graduate or undergraduate course work requirements.

Guidelines and Procedures

An Employee Manual has been developed that outlines the procedures, guidelines, and job responsibilities for the student desk attendants at the Gallery. In addition to a copy of the manual being located at the desk, each employee will sign off that they have read the manual and have been given training in the various aspects of the Employee Manual. The Collaborative Services staff is responsible for continually updating the information in the Employee Manual and informing each student desk attendant in a timely manner. Failure to consistently adhere to the requirements outlined within the Employee Manual may result in termination.

Subjects contained within the Employee Manual for the Gallery may include, but not limited to:

Shift Schedule Changes 
Customer Service 
General Observation 
Releasing Personal Information 
Soliciting in Building 
Opening & Closing Procedures 
Cleaning & Maintenance Procedures 
Equipment/Operating Procedures 
Lost and Found 
Food and Drink 
Visitors/Phone Calls 
Special Projects/Events 
Bomb Threats 
Emergency Procedures 
Fire Alarms 
Desk Responsibilities 
Daily Tally Sheets 
Incident Reports

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