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General Statement

Occasionally event sponsors request to have events start or end beyond the regular operating hours of the Union/WELL. In an effort to facilitate these events, procedures and associated charges have been developed.

Guidelines and Procedures

When an event starts before or extends beyond the Union’s/WELL’s scheduled operating hours, or is scheduled on a day when the Union/WELL is closed, the event sponsor is billed for the costs of operating and staffing the building during that time. The amount charged to the event sponsor is based on several criteria:

  • The cost of providing supervisory staff during the overtime hours
  • The cost of providing custodial staff during the overtime hours
  • The cost of providing Information Desk staff during the overtime hours
  • The cost to light the event space and the path of travel to and from the event
  • The cost of providing HVAC in the space and the path of travel
  • Accounting overhead costs for the above
  • The length of the event time, plus 30 minutes before or after building hours.

Overtime events must be requested no less than two weeks prior to the event date, and must be approved through the Event Services Office. A list of upcoming overtime events (and the hours of staff coverage needed) is produced by the Assistant Director, Event Services each week, and is distributed to the appropriate supervisors. The overtime costs are added to the event reservation and billed to the event sponsor.

When an event ends earlier than expected, the full estimated overtime costs are still charged to the event sponsor. This is due to the fact that staff is scheduled to work and all lighting and HVAC systems are programmed well in advance. These costs will be incurred regardless of last-minute changes.

Change History

Adopted: March 14, 2002

Updated: December 2, 2009

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