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General Statement

All computer software residing and operating on Union WELL Inc. computers must be licensed by the manufacturer for use in our facility. No “pirated” programs or illegal copies may be used or copied onto corporation-owned systems.

Guidelines and Procedures

Every program on Union WELL Inc. computers must be legal copies purchased through legitimate channels and be appropriate in function to promote the mission of the Corporation. In order to ensure this, the following steps are to be taken:

  1. An annual inventory of programs loaded onto each workstation and file server will be taken. This will include operating systems, programs, drivers, and accessories such as virus scanning software. This information will include program names and version numbers.
  2. The list of programs will be compared to purchasing records or copies of manufacturer’s licenses to ensure that all software was purchased legally, and in full compliance with federal and state copyright laws. The IT Services Manager will keep a file of current software purchases or licenses.
  3. Programs that are found to be non-compliant will either be removed from the computer(s) or software licenses will be procured from the manufacturer or distributor.
  4. Programs that are in compliance and are appropriate to the corporate mission, i.e., programs purchased and installed by individuals for their own productivity and development will remain on the workstation(s).
  5. Programs that are in compliance but are not appropriate to the corporate mission will also be removed from the workstation or server.
  6. Software may be installed on the home computers of full time exempt staff to the extent that it is needed by that staff person to do work at home. The IT Services Manager will maintain a list of software programs and the staff members who have installed them on their home computers.
  7. The corporate file server will be backed up in its entirety nightly. All staff members are strongly encouraged to save data and documents in their designated server directory to ensure proper backup. Backup tapes are stored off site in a secure location. Transportation to and from the off site storage is arranged through IRT.
  8. The reservation data is backed up nightly to the local hard drive of the Event Services Coordinator. This data can be used on a temporary basis at the Event Services Coordinator's workstation should the file server go down.

Change History

Adopted: May 9, 2002

Updated: March 19, 2014

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