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General Statement

Meeting and Event space in the Union is in great demand. In order to process and confirm events in a timely and equitable manner the following procedures are in place. However, until a space is Confirmed by the Union Arrangements office no publication of the event should take place.

Guidelines and Procedures

The following information will be necessary before space can be scheduled within the Union. For large events, multi-room events and all off-campus organization events this information must be provided in writing.

  1. Date desired
  2. Time desired
  3. Type of event, including names of performers, artists or lecturers expected to participate or attend.
  4. Audience size and/or participant numbers.
  5. Type of room setup and equipment needed.
  6. Will an admission or fee be charged or will donations be required or strongly encouraged? Will anything be sold or exchanged?
  7. Budget or account name and number to which setup and room costs can be charged if it is determined they are applicable.

Following receipt of this information, the Union office will respond as quickly as possible in determining availability or non-availability of facilities and will confirm exact dates, times and rooms which are actually scheduled.

Only after the scheduling of space is CONFIRMED should contracts be signed or be made public.

The Union cannot permit use of space which has not been scheduled and confirmed in advance of the event and cannot guarantee availability of space for which contracts have been signed or publicity made public unless prior approval for exact times, dates, and rooms have been made and CONFIRMED. Exceptions may be made by the manager on duty to provide meeting space on a "last-minute" basis for groups in good standing with the Union.

Change History

Adopted: February 14, 2002

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