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Guidelines and Procedures

  1. Who is eligible to conduct or sponsor an event in the University Union? The University Union is a not-for profit organization created to operate a tax-exempt facility only in support of the educational program of CSUS. Therefore, those eligible to sponsor or conduct an event in the Union are:
    1. CSUS Departments and Organizations
    2. Active, registered student organizations
    3. Non University, legally defined, organizations – only when the organization AND event fall within the University educational and/or public service mission.
    4. Commercial, For-Profit or Political events or organizations are not within the scope of use.
    5. Individuals (as opposed to a group who is a legally defined organization) may not schedule events in Union facilities EXCEPT when the individual is a member of the faculty, staff, student or alumni community of CSUS AND the event is limited to a meal, reception or similar non-public event.
  2. Screening and approval of the event sponsor and scheduling of the event are handled only by the University Union Arrangements Office and only directly with the event sponsor’s representative officer. Catering contractor may not act on behalf of event sponsor. Scheduling and approval of space will be accomplished within Campus and Union dates, schedule availability and with priorities as established for student and campus organizations and events.
  3. The University Union contracts with the CSUS Foundation as the provider of catering services. Liability and responsibility for Dining Services in the Union remains with the Foundation. The Foundation may contract with an alternate catering provider. (Contractor will provide evidence of insurance and sanitation certificate and will be liable to Union, Foundation and CSUS for catering services, use of equipment, and caterer’s personnel actions.) The Union will provide the same support and services as provided if the Foundation were operating the catering and the contract caterer will be expected to provide the same services as if provided by the Foundation. (See attachments.)
  4. Alcohol service and choices will depend on the license governing the space and as approved by CSUS Policy. Other Union operations operating with licenses are not to be affected.
  5. Contractor catering order/contract form needs to contain the same information as presently utilized by the Foundation Catering Form (see attachment). Available standardized menu choices should be provided in advance by the contractor to the Arrangements Office. Variations may be developed by the contractor and event sponsor in concert with the Arrangements Office.
  6. Union Reservation forms produced by the Arrangements Office working with the sponsor will detail and approve all services, fees, charges, equipment, room setup, diagrams, times for room use and service, deadlines, and Union and event Sponsor obligations. The Union will bill the event sponsor for all Union charges, the Catering contractor will bill the event sponsor for all contractor provided food, beverage and service charges.

    All audio-video, tables, chairs, staging and related equipment and services will be provided by the Union as part of service to sponsor. Specialized equipment, labor, overtime, changes after set, damage, excessive cleanup and items not available from the Union will be billed as an added cost. These items will be detailed with the sponsor representative at the time of event approval. Late cancellation fees may apply if the event is not held.

  7. As part of the food service, contractor will provide all linens, tableware, food and serving.

    Foundation may, at their discretion, if so detailed, make available for contractor’s use, kitchen and serving equipment that is typically provided for Foundation catering use. Any equipment and related facilities utilized by the contractor will be returned in same condition as prior to contractor use.

  8. Union will handle and set up all Union provided equipment. Contractor or event sponsor will not move, set up or handle Union equipment.
    1. Following agreement of sponsor’s representative, and after consultation with catering contractor, will provide a diagram showing all equipment and its placement within the room.
    2. Union will advise event sponsor of times when room and support areas will be ready for contractor move-in, food service table top setup, sponsor setup and door opening and ending for the event
    3. Guarantee number—required from event sponsor 72 hours (3 business days) before event.
  9. Service or equipment needs occurring during the event, other than those related to food, beverage and wait service staff, must be referred to the Union Manager on duty or to the Union Information Desk. Contractor will identify to Union and Sponsor’s representatives the "point" person responsible for the Caterer.
  10. Event attendee parking arrangements will be coordinated with University Transportation and Parking Services. Sponsor’s representative will be advised by the Arrangements Office of the procedure for this need.
  11. Loading dock space for contractor’s vehicles can be made available when pre-approved by Union Building Staff.
    1. Food waste and trash generated by the contractor or event must be bagged and disposed of off site by the Catering Contractor unless otherwise negotiated with Foundation for use of Foundation disposal facilities.
  12. Service Corridor:
    1. 8 ft. between ballroom and table storage room must be kept clear at all times as a fire exit lane.
    2. Equipment must not be located in a manner that will keep doors from closing automatically in an emergency.
  13. Dish-up Staging area, Ballroom:
    1. Large event use table storage room.
    2. Electrically equipped to handle 4 food warmers.
    3. Large, wood Ballroom double doors can be used for setup only.
    4. Service to event will be through small vestibule doors (marked for Fire Exit).
  14. Events held on 2nd or 3rd floors:
    1. Sublease staff must use the service elevator for all deliveries and setups.
    2. Make prior arrangements with Union Building staff.
    3. No servicing from the public hallway.
    4. Servicing from service corridor/servery to room.
  15. Web information on facilities and Union:

Change History

Adopted: March, 2002

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