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General Statement

The University Union as a 501 c 3 corporation shall be operated in a manner consistent with cautious and appropriate fiscal policies.


All Union operations will be operated on a cash basis except that recognized campus departments and organizations may be invoiced due and payable in 30 days after receipt of facility use charges. Acceptable community organizations contracting for facility use may also be granted 30-day open account privileges for facility use charges, including leases. The Union Director or the Assistant Director for Operations must approve such privileges prior to the provision of services. Any extension of credit except as noted above shall have the Director's approval.

California State University Sacramento, CSUS Foundation and Associated Students credit policies, rather than this Union policy, are applicable in those Union operations leased to and operated under their direction

Guidelines and Procedures

On a limited basis, as fiscally responsible, the University Union may explore and authorize the utilization of credit cards. Utilization of credit cards shall conform to the Campus’s procurement policies. Otherwise all Union operations will be on a cash basis.

Change History

Adopted: October, 1977

Updated: March 14, 2002

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