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General Statement

Appropriate space for noncommercial displays, booths and tables may be scheduled by request through the Event Services Office. These are limited to specific areas because of congestion, traffic and conflict with regular building operations.

Commercial displays, sales or solicitations by, or for the benefit of, private enterprise, individuals or organizations are not an appropriate function of a nonprofit facility, such as the University Union or The WELL. Therefore, no provision is made for such functions within the Union/WELL or on adjacent grounds and such functions cannot be approved.

Guidelines and Procedures

Acceptable space and guidelines for noncommercial use are as follows:

The Ballroom lobby consisting of the entire carpeted area in front of the Ballroom can accommodate tables for display or registration along the walls: One six-foot table in front of the ticket booth; one 8-foot table between the Hinde Auditorium and the drinking fountains; one 8-foot table between Ballrooms I and II; two 8-foot tables between Ballrooms II and III; and one 8-foot table between Sequoia and Cypress Rooms. Easels may also be placed at room entrances and at the leading carpet edge in front of the furniture cluster. These items must be utilized in conjunction with an event in the adjacent rooms.

Easels may also be placed adjacent to the Redwood Room (for Redwood Room events,) and outside the University Center Restaurant for Restaurant events. Easels may also be placed next to the event display video monitors on 2nd and 3rd floors, identifying the name and location of breakout sessions for large conferences.

For space outside of the Union/WELL, please see the appropriate Student Activities Advisor, or the Commercial Vending Committee on campus for assistance.


Change History

Adopted: March 14, 2002

Updated: December 2, 2009

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