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General Statement

In order to facilitate the efficient and equitable utilization of the University Union facilities for events and meetings, these procedures have been developed.

Guidelines and Procedures

Space Utilization

A. Who may use the University Union:

  1. The commercial and public areas of the University Union shall be available to all members of the University community, including students, staff, faculty, alumni and families, and guests of members of these groups.
  2. Additionally, persons outside the University community shall be welcome to use these facilities, provided:
    1. Their use does not preclude use by a member of the University community
    2. Persons under 18 years of age are accompanied by a parent, guardian, or adult group leader and are at the Union for attendance at a specific event or utilization of a specific service for which an invitation has been extended by a member of the campus community.
  3. Meeting, banquet, conference and multipurpose facilities shall be available for scheduling by recognized clubs, organizations, divisions, departments, offices, and associations with priority opportunity for scheduling given in the following order: student functions, all other functions of the University community, and, finally, functions of organizations outside the University community, provided the organization is non-profit as defined as 501(c) (3) and is related to the educational or community service mission of the University. Individuals may schedule functions only when the individual is a member of the University community as noted above. Scheduling by those individuals shall be limited to food service events such as banquets, receptions, weddings, etc.

B. All facilities of the Union shall be available during scheduled hours, which are, at that date, approved for regular operations. Facilities may be scheduled for use outside of regular operating hours in which case the sponsoring organization will pay (in addition to any usual charges for facilities or services rendered) for all costs of the extra hours operations, including labor, utilities, overhead and supplies.

C. Charges for use of schedulable Union facilities shall be:

  1. RECOGNIZED STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS: No charge if admission and/or participation is free. Charges for food service and when donations are required or actively solicited will be considered an admission charge. Use of the Ballroom will be charged to all groups.
  2. UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENTS AND AUXILIARY ORGANIZATIONS: For a function of a University department connected organization not covered in #1 or for a function or organization, department or division covered in #1 when admission is charged. Actual expenses, including cost of labor and overhead, will be charged with a minimum as noted in the attached price sheet.
  3. UNIVERSITY-SPONSORED OFF-CAMPUS ORGANIZATION: A Non-University organization event sponsored by a University Department, in which the Department handles the event arrangements and payment of invoices, will be charged with a minimum as noted in the attached price sheet. This category of event may be changed to University Department if, at the discretion of the Union Director, an event is deemed to be primarily in support of the University’s educational mission. (Refer to related policy on University Sponsored Events)
  4. OFF-CAMPUS ORGANIZATION, NOT UNIVERSITY-SPONSORED: A non-University organization will be charged as noted in the attached price sheet.
  5. Minimum charges:
    1. See attached price structure. 
      Overtime, insurance and/or other special fees will be additional in all cases. Special events, which require unusual or complex set-up or staffing, will be charged additional fees accordingly.
  6. No charge will be made for an event where a meal or major reception is served by UEI Dining Services, as long as the meal and related program lasts no more than four hours. Boxed lunches and continental breakfasts are not defined as a served meal.
  7. Equipment rental or other outside charges incurred by the Union for a scheduled event will be billed to the scheduling organization or individual.
  8. Excessive cleanup, repairs, and damages will be charged to the scheduling organization or individual in all cases.
  9. Scheduling of facilities which are ultimately not used, which incurs unnecessary cost, diverts staff from support for occurring events, precludes use by other organizations and prevents the offering of events to the Campus, therefore:
    1. Should a scheduled space be neither be cancelled nor used (a no show), a $40 charge will be made, except for the Redwood Room or the Hinde Auditorium, when the charge will be $120 and for the University Union Ballroom where the per section charge will be $175.
    2. Should a group of three or more regular rooms, each scheduled for more than a two hour time period, be cancelled with less than two weeks remaining prior to the scheduled event(s), a charge of $90 will be made.
    3. Should the Redwood Room or Hinde Auditorium be cancelled with less than two weeks remaining prior to the scheduled event(s), a charge of $90 will be made.
    4. Should the Ballroom be cancelled with less than two weeks remaining prior to the scheduled event(s), a per section charge of $150 plus $20 for each hour over 3 will be made.
    5. Late cancellation and no-show fees may be waived at the discretion of the Director when circumstances warrant it, such as a request received and cancelled within the deadline period and/or the event is postponed to a later date, not cancelled. If the postponed event does not eventually take place then it is considered a no show and the applicable charges will be applied.
  10. Should a scheduled event, in any manner, prevent a following scheduled event from being held, an additional charge of $50 or actual costs involved, whichever is greater, will be made for each event prevented except in the case of the Ballroom, Redwood room or Hinde Auditorium, where the fee will be $100 or actual costs, whichever is greater.

D. Scheduling of space will be accomplished with priorities in order of opportunity for scheduling in the following order.

  1. Student functions for the entire campus community.
  2. All other University functions for the entire campus community.
  3. Student functions not for the entire campus community.
  4. All other University functions not for the entire campus community.
  5. All off-campus organizations when sponsored by a Student Organization or University Department.
  6. All off-campus organizations, but only as the organization and its function are appropriate to the University's public service or educational purpose.

All priority scheduling for each semester and year will take place by deadlines as established by the Event Services Office. Events may be requested and reserved more than 12 months in advance when they require significant advance notice to participants and/or presenters. These requests must be made in writing.

Following such priority deadlines, space will be schedulable on a first request, first-booked basis, except when two or more requests are made at the same time for the same space, then the above priorities shall be utilized when suitable alternate dates or space cannot be provided by the Event Services Office.

No confirmed space shall be cancelled except by agreement of the scheduling party or in case of absolute Sacramento State need.

The University Union reserves the right to assign or reassign rooms to best accommodate the event size and needs for all groups.


E. Schedulable space may be used for an event by an organization or individual only when the event and organization is in accord with all applicable University regulations. All regulations are available through the Event Services Office and no space can be scheduled until all such policies are complied with and all necessary approvals given.

F. Any number of events may be scheduled by any one party; however, the Event Services Office may request a later date scheduling of a portion of requests when an excessive quantity of facilities may be pre-empted by a single organization or individual. For regular group meetings, no more than two meetings per week may be reserved so as to allow the largest possible number of groups to use the building.

G. When events require (in the opinion of the Union, the sponsor or the Public Safety Office) security personnel on hand for such event, the Union or the Student Organizations & Leadership Office will arrange for all security personnel and such costs that may be incurred will be billed to the event's sponsor. Determination of security needs will be made by the Union in consultation with the event's sponsor and the Sacramento State Department of Public Safety.

H. As the Union WELL Inc. is not supported by academic funding and since use of Union facilities for regular classroom use would pre-empt the primary functions for which the Union operates, the University Union cannot reserve facilities for academic classes on a regular basis. Occasional individual class meetings which may be open to the general campus community, because of a guest speaker or for other special content may, however, be scheduled on a one-time basis provided such use by an academic class will not pre-empt a function for which that area of the Union would normally be utilized.

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Change History

Adopted: June 1975

Updated: September 1997

Updated: May 9, 2002

Updated: November 12, 2014

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