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General Statement

The department dedicated to event and activity programming within the Union WELL Inc. organization is known as “University Union UNIQUE Programs” and is administered through University Union Programs and Marketing. The name of this organization was originally an acronym for the Union Network for Innovative, Quality University Entertainment. University Union UNIQUE Programs has developed a reputation and identity over the years as a principal programming source for the campus. A practical, a concerted effort was made to clarify the source and primary location of this programming, the University Union.


Goals for Program Development

The purpose of University Union UNIQUE Programs is to design and coordinate a comprehensive and balanced activity program, in order to compliment the university experience with entertainment and educational events that attract, serve, and engage the Sacramento State student body, as well as the entire campus community. 

The goals of University Union UNIQUE Programs include, but are not limited to:

  1. Produce programs of high quality.
  2. Offer an array of programs and activities representative of the diverse campus community.
  3. Involve students in selecting, planning, organizing, producing, and evaluating events, while providing them with opportunities to be valuable contributors to the quality of campus life,  develop social and leadership skills, and build relationships.
  4. Solicit input and expertise from student organizations, university departments, faculty, and community groups, while frequently working in collaboration with them.
  5. Provide programs as efficiently as possible, serving the greatest number of people with the most efficient monetary outlay.
  6. Provide most programs at low, or no admission cost to Sacramento State students.
  7. Maximize attendance at each event.
  8. For additional goals, see the current year’s strategic plan.

Organizational Structure

University Union UNIQUE Programs will be comprised of only currently enrolled Sacramento State students, under the coordination and advisement of a University Union Program Advisor. These students participate in a balanced and proven format designed to meet their own student development needs, and which also offers practical experience in the field of event planning, promotion, and production.

To continue as a UNIQUE student volunteer, members must routinely attend regularly scheduled meetings and reasonably participate in producing the organization’s events. Additional responsibilities may be taken on by individual members, based on time, interests, skills, and demonstrated reliability. These may take the form of an ongoing leadership role, the coordination of a particular event, or the completion of specific tasks. Members are encouraged to grow in their autonomy, both as a team and as individuals. This process is to be supported and actively facilitated by the Programs and Marketing professional staff.

Whenever possible, programming decisions are to be made by a process of consensus. These decisions may be performer-specific or may simply involve the selection of a type of activity. The style and structure by which decisions are implemented may vary from semester to semester, based on the needs, interests, and talents of those involved in University Union UNIQUE Programs, but always with regularly solicited input from its current student members.

Responsibility and Accountability for Programs

Actions taken on behalf of University Union UNIQUE Programs by any of its members, or advisors, must be consistent with Union WELL, Inc., Sacramento State, and CSU policies. All programs and activities sponsored fully or in part by University Union UNIQUE Programs will remain fully under the control, and production direction, of Union WELL Inc., even in cases of multiple sponsorships.

 As the official responsible to the Union WELL Inc. Board of Directors and the Sacramento State President,or designee, the Union WELL Inc. Executive Director is charged with responsibility, and vested with authority for, the continuous guidance and review of the programs produced by University Union UNIQUE Programs. The University Union’s Program Advisor is responsible to the Executive Director for the effective discharge of the essential functions of University Union UNIQUE Programs.


Change History

Adopted: December 8, 1988

UpdatedDecember 13, 2001

Updated: February 19, 2014

Updated: February 17, 2016


Previous Title: Activities Program Organization


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