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General Policy Statement

This policy guides the WELL staff in educating members and guests on acceptable, safe, and healthy practices for utilizing the WELL facility.


1. General Building Policies

1.1. Conduct

1.1.a. Follow all policies pertaining to the building, services, and program areas.

1.1.b. Violating policies may result in immediate dismissal from the facility. Alternative or additional sanctions may include: disciplinary action, fees owed for damages, and/or potential suspension from the facilities and programs. A user asked to leave by the staff will not be refunded any paid charges.

1.1.c. Disorderly conduct, use of vulgar, hateful, or abusive language will not be tolerated. 

1.1.d. Use facilities and equipment only for their designed purposes.

1.1.e. Misuse or inappropriate use of equipment or any behavior that results in damages to the building or any equipment will result in a repair or replacement fee. 

1.1.f. Do not engage in personal training or instruction unless by a certified WELL personal trainer or otherwise authorized WELL staff.

1.1.g. Chalking or posting of any promotional material or advertisements unaffiliated with The WELL is not permitted unless authorized by the Director of The WELL.

1.2. Facility Access and Use

1.2.a. Access to all activity space, locker rooms, and their corresponding space is available only at the Front Desk for all members, guests, and spectators.

1.2.b. Submit proper credentials and payment, if necessary, for membership activation.

1.2.c. For guests, authorization for access by a staff member is required for every visit.

1.2.d Use of any space in the building by a group, organization, team, or class is not permitted unless there is a valid space reservation.

1.3. Food and Beverage

1.3.a. Possession and consumption of food is not permitted in any activity areas unless approved for a special function.

1.3.b. Possession and consumption of food in non-activity areas cannot produce excessive odors or an untidy environment.

1.3.c. Possession and consumption of beverages is limited to non-glass sealed beverage containers.

1.4. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Smoking

1.4.a. Consumption of alcohol, intoxication, or the appearance/smell of intoxication is not permitted.

1.4.b. Smoking, vaping, or tobacco use in any form is prohibited. The WELL is a tobacco-free facility.

1.5. Dress and Appearance

1.5.a. Non-marking, closed toe, athletic shoes must be worn in activity areas. Examples of prohibited shoes include, but are not limited to, cleats, sandals, socks, and hard soled shoes. Exceptions are martial arts clubs, group fitness, and special classes.

1.5.b. Wear appropriate athletic attire, including shirts or tops at all times in public areas. Denim is not permitted in any fitness activity areas. 

1.5.c. Observe personal hygiene. No excessive fragrances.

1.5.d. Wearing hats and jewelry is not recommended and in certain programs not permitted, including climbing, fitness, and intramural sports. Always adhere to staff instruction. 

1.6. Spectators

1.6.a. Non-members will only be admitted as spectators for WELL spectator events only. WELL events eligible for spectators are determined by The WELL management.

1.6.b. Spectators must check in at the Front Desk to be authorized access to the facility.

1.6.c. Spectators are not permitted to participate in any activity or use lockers.

1.6.d. Non-members/Spectators must leave the building immediately following the event.

1.7. Media and Electronic Devices

1.7.a. Use of electronic devices of any sort, including phones, tablets, computers, etc. are not permitted in the locker rooms and restrooms.

1.7.b. Use of a device to photograph, record, or videotape unauthorized and/or inappropriate material in The WELL is not permitted. Respect the personal privacy and safety of all members, guests, and participants.

1.7.c. Use of headphones or reasonable volume is required when operating electronic devices, including conducting phone calls or playing music.  Music with offensive lyrics is not permitted.

1.7.d. Request for news stories, including interviews, video, and/or photography that concerns The WELL must be made through the Office of Public Affairs. 

1.8. Animals

1.8.a. Animals, with the exception of service animals, are not allowed in The WELL.

1.8.b. Members, guests, and participants are required to follow the Sacramento State Procedures for Animals and service animals on Campus Policy.

1.9. Wheeled Devices

1.9.a. All wheeled-devices including: mopeds, bicycles, electric scooters, razor scooters, non-electric scooters, skateboards, roller-skates, rollerblades, and hoverboards are not permitted to enter the building. All ADA designated assistance devices and wheeled backpacks are permitted.

1.9.b. Operating any wheeled device is not permitted on the plaza with the exception of ADA designated assistance devices and wheeled backpacks.

1.9.c. All wheeled devices, with the exception of ADA designated assistance devices, must be parked and/or locked only in designated storage racks.

1.10. Personal Belongings, Lockers, Lost and Found Items

1.10.a. Store all personal belongings securely in lockers or in the cubbies which are available in the locker rooms and throughout the building.

1.10.b. Members, guests, and participants are responsible for their personal belongings. The WELL and Union WELL Inc. are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

1.10.c. Staff members are not permitted to hold any personal belongings for members, guests, or participants.

1.10.d. Use of lockers within the WELL is permitted only while the member is present in the building.

1.10.e. WELL staff has the right to check lockers at any time.

1.10.f. Items left in a locker overnight will be removed and taken to the Equipment Desk.

1.10.g. Turn in any found items at the Equipment Desk.

1.10.h. Any items or equipment not properly secured or stored found by staff will be sent to the Equipment Desk.

1.10.i. Inquiries regarding lost items can be made only in-person at the Equipment Desk.

1.10.j. Further inquiries regarding lost items can be made with the Office of Public Safety on campus.  All items not claimed within an established timeframe are turned into the Office of Public Safety.

1.11. Equipment and Towel Check-Out

1.11.a. Only members of the WELL may check out equipment and towels from designated WELL staff.

1.11.b. All equipment and towels are on a first come, first serve basis and may not be reserved.

1.11.c. Members will be charged for the replacement of lost or damaged equipment.

1.11.d. Equipment not returned by the close of The WELL, the day it is checked out, will be considered lost and the individual’s membership will be frozen, without refund, until the equipment is returned or payment of the established replacement fee is made.

1.11.e. Towels not returned to The WELL by close of the day will be considered lost or stolen and the individual’s membership will be frozen, without refund, until the equipment is returned or they speak with a member services staff member. An individual that has not returned a towel, on the second occurrence will be charged a replacement fee.

1.11.f. Outdoor equipment checked out on a Friday may be checked out for the entire weekend and returned the following Monday by 10am.

2. Activity Space Policies

2.1. Climbing Wall

2.1.a. Check in at the Equipment Desk.

2.1.b. Complete the climbing wall safety orientation prior to the first use of the climbing wall.

2.1.c. Keep visible the nontransferable orientation wristband, obtained from the Equipment Desk, at all times.

2.1.d. Return wristbands to the Equipment Desk by the end of the day.

2.1.e. Top rope climbing and topping out on the boulder is only allowed during the open climbing hours listed at the climbing wall. Topping out is never allowed on the center wall or arch way.

2.1.f. Bouldering is allowed during all facility hours to those who have completed the safety orientation.

2.1.g. While bouldering, the climber’s head is not to go above a height of 13 feet (the height of the free standing boulder). 

2.1.h. Climbers are not allowed to climb past top-rope anchors.

2.1.i. Stunts and tricks such as flips are not permitted on the slack line.

2.1.j. Use only ropes, belay devices, and belay anchors that are provided by the WELL. Ropes for lead climbing are provided upon request for those who have completed the lead climbing test. Personal equipment is not permitted with the exception of their own shoes, chalk bag, and harness upon inspection by a climbing wall attendant.

2.1.k. Belay devices must be attached to the harness of the belayer by means of a locking carabiner. Only WELL belay devices and carabiners will be allowed at the WELL. No personal belay devices or carabiners.

2.1.l. Climbers must pass the WELL Belay Test in order to belay.

2.1.m. Attach ropes to harnesses using a figure 8 follow through knot with an appropriate tail and according to manufacturer's recommendations. 

2.1.n. Harnesses must be doubled-backed at the waist and leg loop buckles when worn by the climber and belayer while climbing on ropes.

2.1.o. Always perform a safety check before climbing; check the climber’s knot and harness, as well as the belayer's harness and belay system.

2.1.p. Proper attire is required, including footwear on the climbing wall; climbing shoes are available for checkout at the equipment desk.

2.1.q. Horseplay or rough-housing is not permitted.

2.1.r. Wearing the following jewelry is not permitted while climbing: jewelry on hands, loose fitting necklaces, and hoop earrings.

2.2. Fitness Areas

2.2.a. Return all weights, plates, barbells, dumbbells, and fitness equipment to provided racks and storage areas when finished.

2.2.b.  Do not lean weights against equipment, machines, walls, or mirrors.

2.2.c.  Use safety collars to secure weights on barbells at all times.

2.2.d. Wipe down equipment with a workout towel after use.

2.2.e. Use of weightlifting chalk is permitted only to assist with Olympic lifts on the platforms, ass approved by WELL staff.  Do not drop weights for any reason unless in the Olympic platform area.

2.2.f. Sparring is not permitted unless during an instructional class.

2.2.g. Use cardio equipment for no more than 30 minutes at a time when others are waiting.

2.2.h. Use of personal fitness equipment is not permitted with the exception of yoga mats, stretching devices, and equipment that has been approved by WELL Fitness staff. 

2.3. Gym Box and Multi-purpose Activity Court (MAC)

2.3.a. Hanging on the basketball rims or nets is not allowed; dunking may be safely performed.

2.3.b.  Observe all informal recreation hours, including basketball, volleyball, badminton, and soccer.

2.4. Indoor Track

2.4.a. Follow the posted direction for traffic which is rotated daily.

2.4.b. Do not run/jog/walk more than two persons side by side.

2.4.c. Running/jogging is designated on the inside lane; walking is designated for the outside lane.

2.4.d. Stretching is permitted in the corners of the track, outside the track lanes.  Stretching is not allowed on the track. Sitting, leaning, or stretching on the railing is not allowed.

2.4.e. Spike shoes, turf shoes, boots, sandals, and open-toed shoes are not allowed.

2.4.f. Wheeled devices are not allowed on the track, with the exception of ADA designated assistance devices.

2.5. Racquetball Courts

2.5.a. Only racquetball, handball, and wallyball are permitted on the racquetball courts with the exception of activities approved by Informal Recreation staff.  

2.5.b. Check in at the Equipment Desk to use a court.

2.5.c. Empty courts are available on a first come, first serve basis. 

2.5.d. Reservations for racquetball courts, made on the hour, will be taken up to 24 hours prior to the requested time, in person or over the phone, and require the participants’ first and last names.

2.5.e. Members can reserve one court for one hour per day. The partner of someone who has made a reservation cannot reserve a court for that day.

2.5.f. Members with reservations are permitted to check in with their partner up to five minutes after the hour.  If they or their partner do not check in, the next team from the waiting list will be given the court.

2.5.g. Racquetball racquets must have a wrist strap that must be used at all times.

2.5.h. Wearing lensed eyewear designed for racquet sports is required for all racquetball and handball players. The protective eyewear must be worn as designed and may not be altered. Players who require corrective eyewear also must wear lensed eyewear designed for racquet sports. Protective eyewear can be checked out at the Equipment Desk.


Change History

Adopted: 9/22/2010

Updated: 8/28/2012

Updated: 11/2/2016

Updated: 11/1/2017


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