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General Statement

The University Union provides an important service to the students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests of CSUS. One aspect of this service is the Games Room, which offers recreational opportunities between or after classes, after work or during campus visits. The Games Room houses video games, pinball games, jukebox, table tennis and billiards. In order to maintain an atmosphere of relaxed recreation, student Games Room Attendants are employed to facilitate use of the room and provide customer service.

Games Room Attendant general duties include cash handling and register operation, equipment checkout, area supervision/security, and information referral. Employees must be familiar with all operating procedures for the equipment (i.e. cash register) as well as the various programs and activities, which occur in the Games Room. Certain guidelines and regulations have been established to ensure that the proper attitude, appearance and atmosphere are presented to each customer who uses the Games Room.


General Policies For Patrons:

  1. I.D.’s accepted for equipment checkout:
    1. CSUS Student I.D. w/ current sticker
    2. CSUS Faculty/Staff I.D.
    3. CSUS Guest Pass/Name Tag (person must be a legitimate guest, not someone "in off the street").
    4. A current, valid college/university student or faculty/staff ID.
  2. Driver’s Licenses, High School I.D's, Dining Commons Meal Cards, and loaned student I.D.s are not acceptable! The Program Services Supervisor may make specific exceptions.
  3. People checking out equipment must remain in the room until equipment is returned.
  4. Food, drink, and tobacco products are not allowed in the Games Room.
  5. There is no sitting or leaning on the table tennis or billiard tables.
  6. Gambling and/or card playing are not allowed.
  7. Any abuse of the video/pinball games or the tables such as kicking, lifting or pounding will not be tolerated.
  8. Checks, and bills generally larger than $20.00 are not accepted.
  9. An adult must accompany children under 16.
  10. Abuse to equipment or disruptive behavior may result in the customer being asked to leave the room.

Electronic Amusement Machines

In advance of the end of each fiscal year, the University Union Director will bid or renegotiate the contract with the Electronic Amusement (video and pinball machines) vendor. The terms of the annual contract will outline the conditions of this operation, such as: approximate number of machines and their rotation, revenue collection and payment, machine maintenance, revenue percentage split and annual guarantee (if applicable), etc.

Change Machine

The Electronic Amusement vendor will provide a change machine (for quarters), and maintain it as part of their contract. The Program Services Supervisor is responsible for the daily stocking of the machine, the financial accountability of the change fund, and the security of the key to the machine. Twice a year (December and June 30) the change fund will be fully counted and adjusted for cash over or short.


Several Table Tennis and Billiards tournaments are to be scheduled each semester with prizes awarded to the winners. Only current CSUS students will participate in these tournaments. The formats will be determined by student input and are to be run by the Games Room Student Leader and the Program Services Manager.

Group Events

Recognized student clubs and organizations are encouraged to schedule group events in the Games Room. Such events are to be scheduled in advance with the Program Services Manager. These events will only be scheduled for "slow periods" (evenings and weekends), with a maximum of eight billiard tables and one table tennis table available to be reserved, as to not disenfranchise regular student play. The hourly rate will be the same as the current rate in effect for billiards and table tennis, and a deposit is required to reserve the tables.

Guidelines and Procedures

An Employee Manual has been developed that outlines the procedures, guidelines, and job responsibilities for the student desk attendants in the Games Room. In addition to a copy of the manual being located at the desk, each employee will sign off that they have read the manual and have been given training in the various aspects of the Employee Manual.

The Program Services Supervisor is responsible for continually updating the information in the Employee Manual and informing each student desk attendant in a timely manner. Failure to consistently adhere to the requirements outlined within the Employee Manual may result in termination.

Subjects contained within the Employee Manual for the Games Room may include, but not limited to:

Shift Schedule Changes 
Customer Service 
General Observation 
Fire Alarms 
Releasing Personal Information 
Soliciting in Building 
Opening & Closing Procedures 
Equipment Checkout Procedures 
Financial Accountability 
Cash Register Operations 
Refund Procedures 
Lost & Found 
Food and Drink 
Visitors/Phone Calls 
Special Projects 
Bomb Threats 
Emergency Procedures 
Room Responsibilities 
Jukebox Operations 
Waiting List 
Cleaning & Maintenance Procedures 
Daily Tally Sheets 

Free Electronic Amusements

On occasion the University Union offers the use of the video games free of charge during selected special events (New Student Orientation, Open House, etc.). Since it is impractical to set these machines on "free play" for a few hours at a time, the following procedure accomplishes free play while not having to pay a percentage to the Electronic Amusements vendor for the use of the machines during this period. This procedure is to be implemented with the consent of the Electronic Amusements Vendor.

  1. A quantity of quarters ($100.00-$400.00) is removed from the Games Room Change Machine Fund and spray painted.
  2. During the "free play" event a Games Room attendant puts the "painted quarters" into the electronic amusements machines at the patrons request.
  3. During the next revenue collection day with the electronic amusements vendor, the "painted quarters" are separated out and not counted as part of the revenue collection.
  4. The unused and retrieved "painted quarters" are exchanged for "regular" quarters and then returned to the Games Room Change Machine Fund.

Change History

Adopted: January, 1991

Updated: December 13, 2001

Updated: August 28, 1995

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