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General Statement

The Union WELL Inc. shall conform to the policies and procedures as set forth by California State University, Sacramento.


Union WELL Inc. shall only accept grants, contracts, bequests, trusts or gifts, which are subject to the conditions of and used for purposes consistent with the policies of the Trustees. The Trustees, through action of the University President, may accept gifts of funds or property on behalf of the Union WELL Inc. Board of Directors, and on behalf of the University and the Trustees. The Union WELL Inc. Executive Director shall keep all parties informed of prospective gifts.

 Gifts may only be accepted providing that their acceptance and future use provides no expectation of unreasonable use cost of or conflict with State law or; CSU, Sacramento State, Union WELL Inc. , policies or procedures. Such possible cost or conflict will necessarily be determined prior to acceptance of any gift. In no case will any gift be accepted which will accrue benefit to any individual employee or Board member of the Union WELL Inc. or University.


The Union WELL Inc. Executive Director will advise and receive approval from Union WELL Inc. Board of Directors regarding gifts. The Executive Director then, on behalf of the Board notifies the University President prior to acceptance of any gift, donation or bequest. Reference is made to Title 5 sec 42403; Education Code Section 89720; Executive Order 676; PM UA 98-03; PM 90-02 and EO 444, which shall control responsibility for evaluating acceptability of proposed gifts, donations or bequests. The forms utilized shall be consistent with any University required documents. (Gift Acceptance Form, GAF)

Previously titled: Acceptance of Gifts

Change History

Adopted: September, 1977

Updated: April, 1987

Updated: March 14, 2002

Adopted: December 2, 2009

Updated: March 30, 2016

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