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General Statement

Utilize appropriate financial procedures to ensure consistent and effective control of invoices as a part of the University Union Operation of CSUS Inc. procurement policy.

Guidelines and Procedures

Register Invoices In

  • Send invoice to "ordered by" person on purchase order.

Ordered By

  1. Verify prices from purchase order.
  2. Verify correct delivery and conditions of purchase order are met.
  3. Initial invoice okay for payment.
  4. Mark purchase order number on invoice.
  5. Send to Director.

Executive Director

  • Okay for payment.

Executive Director's Administrative Support Person

  1. Register day of invoice sent to Business Office for payment.
  2. Mark invoice number and date approved for payment on purchase order "receiving copy."
  3. Send invoices to Business Office for payment, 2 copies minimum. If more than 2 invoice copies, attach last copy to purchase order and mark with date sent for payment and purchase order number.

Change History

Adopted: June 1975

Updated: March 5, 2008

Updated: May 9, 2002

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