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General Statement

The following policy has been developed in order to address membership including eligibility and pricing evaluation.  

  1. General Membership Policies

1.1. The WELL has a right to refuse membership or a guest pass to any person who has violated any Sac State, campus codes of conduct, policy, and/or WELL rules and regulations, or is not in good standing with the University for any reason.

1.2. Members who allow unauthorized users access to the WELL may have membership privileges suspended or revoked.

1.3. All members and guests will be required to present valid photo ID, read and sign the WELL waiver form, and if a non-student, pay the established membership fee, before participating in any activities at the WELL.

1.4. The WELL staff reserves the right to check photo identification when necessary.

1.5. Members must abide by all facility policy, participant guidelines, and staff requests.

1.6. All new memberships and renewals must be purchased in person.           

1.7. Membership fees are broken down in 2-12 month increments. Rates may vary depending on number of months purchased. Cash, or approved credit cards are acceptable forms of payment.

1.8. A continuous monthly fee is available with electronic funds transfer from a checking or savings account. Electronic funds transfer payment option not available for sponsored members of students due to semester turnover.

1.9. Membership fees include the cost of some but not all programs offered by The WELL.

1.10. Membership fees are evaluated annually and based on the review of local competition, CSU counterparts, the (CPI) consumer price index attached to Sac State student fees and other financial factors related to Union WELL Inc.  Each spring semester an annual review and pricing proposal will be submitted to the WELL Advisory Group and Board of Directors for approval. 

1.11. First time registrants will need to present a valid photo ID, and/or a valid Sacramento State ID and proof of Sacramento State affiliation in order to purchase membership.

1.12. Adjustments to memberships such as cancellations, freezes, type changes, or refunds to be submitted in person or electronically through the Membership Adjustment Form, 30 days prior to date of cancellation.

1.13. All active Military Personnel and Veterans are eligible for a 10% discount on membership fees.  Military Membership discount applies to all active Military Personnel, Veterans and their immediate family.   If the Military Personnel or Veteran is the sponsored member, it would also apply to their main member if they are immediate family.   

1.14. The WELL is not open to the public for membership. Specific programs may offer public participation as necessary and with prior approval.  Building tours are available to the public.

1.15. Members and guests must be 18 years of age or older unless enrolled as a Sacramento State Student.  Specific programs may offer participation to minors as necessary and with prior approval.


2. Policy- Student

2.1. The WELL is a student-fee funded facility and does not charge an additional fee to full-fee paying Sac State students to become a member.  WELL membership is based on full payment of the University Union fee for all Sac State students.

2.2. Any student who receives a fee waiver, based on University policies will need to pay the membership fee, equal to the current University union fee for students.

2.3. Sac State students will have to fill out a WELL Membership and Waiver form and show a valid one card or valid photo ID in order to become an active member. No student will be allowed to participate in The WELL as a member without a waiver on file. Students will be required to resubmit a new waiver if they have missed two consecutive semesters.

2.4. Active membership for new students begins one week prior to start of classes and ends the first day of the following semester.

2.5. Active membership for those students who are returning the following semesters will continue without any disruption to the membership.

2.6. Students attending school during the summer will be able to continue their WELL membership if they are enrolled in a summer session. If a Sac State student is not enrolled in the summer session, then they will be required to pay a membership fee.


3. Policy- Administrators, Faculty, Staff, and Emeriti

3.1. Sacramento State administrators, faculty, staff, and emeriti are eligible for membership.  Part-time faculty and staff are eligible. 

3.2. Valid Sacramento State ID or proof of valid affiliation is required. A faculty or staff member must be currently employed by Sacramento State or an affiliated auxiliary. Verification of status may be performed at the discretion of the Director or their designees.

4. Policy- Sac State Alumni Association Members

4.1. Sac State Alumni Association Members are eligible for membership.  Proof of Alumni Association membership is required.


5. Policy- Pre Paid Alumni 

5.1. Alumni who have paid the full University Union student fee as approved by the 2004 referendum for the WELL and did not get to utilize the facility, will be eligible to become pre-paid members of the WELL at a discounted rate. 

5.2.  All eligible pre –paid alumni will be required to fill out and sign a pre-paid alumni agreement. Months of eligibility to be determined through collaboration with Student Financial Services.

6. Policy- Guest Passes

6.1.  A guest is a member-sponsored user of the facility or any person who is eligible for membership. Guests will be the responsibility of the member at all times while visiting The WELL.

6.2. Day passes are available for guests.  All members are allowed one free guest pass per semester.

6.3. Only one guest per member, per day without prior approval from the Director or their designees.  

6.4. Daily guest passes are available for member sponsored guests and individuals eligible for membership.  Rates may vary. Three-day guest passes are available for purchase on Friday or Saturday and are valid for use on a consecutive Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


7. Policy- Sponsored Person

7.1. Membership is available to one sponsored person of any current WELL member. A sponsored member is defined as an individual who resides with a current WELL member. The WELL member must be present at time of enrollment or renewal.  Proof of shared residency is required.  


8. Policy- Associated Campus Programs

8.1. Students of associated campus programs are eligible to become members of the WELL upon proof of enrollment or affiliation. This includes but is not limited to persons enrolled with the College of Continuing Education.   


9. The WELL Hours of Operation

9.1. In an effort to maximize the optimal use of the WELL facility the hours of operation will be based on customer use patterns.

9.2. Hours of operation will be subject to change by the Director each year after review of the facilities use patterns with the exception of emergency or unforeseen circumstances.

9.3. Semester hours of operation

9.3.1.       Monday-Thursday 6:00 am-12:00 midnight

9.3.2.       Friday 6:00am-10pm

9.3.3.       Saturday 8:00 am-8:00 pm

9.3.4.       Sunday 10:00 am-10:00 pm

 9.4. The Sac State campus holiday calendar including closures will be observed.

Change History

Adopted: 12/02/2009

Updated: 9/21/2012

Updated: 2/14/2018

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