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General Statement

The Music Listening Lounge is a place for the campus community to enjoy music or a magazine and relax. Music Listening has an extensive and diverse CD collection (rock, Jazz, hip hop, classical, rap, r & b, pop, international, etc.) as well as table games and magazines. This area has both individual listening rooms (2-6 people each) and multiple headphone stations in the Sight & Sound Lounge. Student Music Listening Attendants are employed to facilitate use of the room and provide customer service.

Music Listening Attendant general duties include checking out the magazines, table games, headphones, and the individual listening rooms as well as area supervision/security and information referral. Certain guidelines and regulations have been established to ensure that the proper attitude, appearance and atmosphere are presented to each customer who uses the Music Listening Lounge.


General Policies For Patrons:

  1. I.D.’s accepted for equipment checkout:
    1. CSUS Student I.D. w/ current sticker
    2. CSUS Faculty/Staff I.D.
    3. CSUS Guest Pass/Name Tag (person must be a legitimate guest, not someone "in off the street").
    4. A current, valid college/university student or faculty/staff ID.
  2. Driver’s Licenses, High School I.D's, Dining Commons Meal Cards, and loaned student I.D.s are not acceptable! The Program Services Supervisor may make specific exceptions.
  3. People checking out equipment must remain in the room until equipment is returned.
  4. Food, drink, and tobacco products are not allowed in the Games Room.
  5. There is no sitting or leaning on the table tennis or billiard tables.
  6. Gambling and/or card playing are not allowed.
  7. Any abuse of the video/pinball games or the tables such as kicking, lifting or pounding will not be tolerated.
  8. Checks, and bills generally larger than $20.00 are not accepted.
  9. An adult must accompany children under 16.
  10. Abuse to equipment or disruptive behavior may result in the customer being asked to leave the room.

Guidelines and Procedures

An Employee Manual has been developed that outlines the procedures, guidelines, and job responsibilities for the student desk attendants in the Music Listening Lounge. In addition to a copy of the manual being located at the desk, each employee shall sign off that they have read the manual and have been given training in the various aspects of the Employee Manual. The Program Services Supervisor is responsible for continually updating the information in the Employee Manual and informing each student desk attendant in a timely manner. Failure to consistently adhere to the requirements outlined within the Employee Manual may result in termination.

Subjects contained within the Employee Manual for the Games Room may include, but not limited to:

Shift Schedule Changes 
Customer Service 
General Observation 
Fire Alarms 
Releasing Personal Information 
Soliciting in Building 
Opening & Closing Procedures 
Equipment Checkout Procedures 
Financial Accountability 
Cash Register Operations 
Refund Procedures 
Lost & Found 
Food and Drink 
Visitors/Phone Calls 
Special Projects 
Bomb Threats 
Emergency Procedures 
Room Responsibilities 
Jukebox Operations 
Waiting List 
Cleaning & Maintenance Procedures 
Daily Tally Sheets 

Updating CD Inventory

At the beginning of each semester the Music Listening Student Leader and the Program Services Supervisor shall purchase approximately 40 new CDs. New CDs to be added are determined by student suggestions, Billboard charts, popularity, diversity, and longevity. The Music Listening tally sheets from the previous semester will be used as a guide, along with other student input, to determine which CDs would be taken out of the inventory to make room for the new CDs. An attempt will be made to trade in the old CDs when purchasing the new ones. Effort is to be made to purchase the new CDs in the same approximate ratio, by genre (rap, rock, classical, etc.), as the old CDs being taken out of the inventory.

Magazine Subscriptions

At the end of each academic year the Music Listening Student Leader and the Program Services Supervisor shall review the tally sheets and seek student input as to which magazines should be subscribed to for the following year. In developing the list, consideration is given to cultural diversity, student interests, variety in the types of magazines, and budget.

Change History

Adopted: October, 1990

Updated: May 9, 2002

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