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General Statement

The majority of the outdoor space adjacent to the Union is open to the public and is not available for event scheduling. There are four exceptions as noted below.

Guidelines and Procedures

Usage of outdoor space around the Union shall be maintained on a casual use basis. All outdoor areas, except as noted below, shall be open to all persons at all times so long as such use does not interfere with safety of or use by others. Exceptions will be made for the Hive patio, University Center Restaurant patio, Serna Plaza, and the Coffee House patio. These areas may be scheduled for a limited number of events in such a way as to not intrude upon other events and as approved by the Union Director. Such events must be located only upon the stage area in such a manner that no impediment to traffic flow will be created in walkways or entrances.

Change History

Adopted: April 11, 2002

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