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General Statement

In order to maintain campus decorum and minimize disruption to classes and offices, the campus must approve all events requiring amplified sound.

Guidelines and Procedures

Musical performances, sound amplification and other presentations to be public may be scheduled into appropriate areas of the Union by contacting the Union Arrangements Office. Persons wishing to perform for the public are encouraged to contact the Program Office, which presents campus talent and speakers throughout the Union in a varied Coffee House and lounge program.

Since sound from musical instruments, solo or groups, and from speakers and sound equipment can often be disturbing to those engaging in use of the building for other pursuits, such events will be conducted only on a scheduled basis in assigned areas. Before scheduling such an event, consideration will be given to other scheduled activities and to the volume levels involved.

Serna plaza is exempted from the campus sound policy and does not require campus approval but does require University Union Approval, through the regular scheduling process.

Change History

Adopted: September, 1975

Updated: February, 2002

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