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General Statement

The University Union, in an effort to facilitate effective and attractive communication at the campus community level, has identified posting areas where members of the community my post information about their activities.


Posting on the exterior of the building, its walls, windows and entrances is not permitted. In the interior of the building posting may only be done on designated bulletin and display boards. Chalk is not permitted on Union sidewalks. Banners may be posted only on portable dividers or specific hangers provided by the Union for that purpose.

Guidelines and Procedures

Public Posting

  • 2nd floor general lounge, south wall bulletin board

Public posting submitted to the Union for approval

  • 1st floor south corridor display cases
  • 1st floor lobby display cases adjacent to the Redwood Room

Posting only by the Union

  • 2nd floor trophy case, north corridor
  • 3rd floor wall display case adjacent to the Student Activities Office

Change History

Adopted: June, 1975

Updated:February, 2002

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