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General Statement

In order to facilitate effective communications between staff members a supply of two-way radios and voice pagers are available.

Guidelines and Procedures


Two-way radios are used by selected full-time staff to communicate throughout the facility. They use the same radio frequency as the paging system; a feature that allows the radios to monitor paging messages if necessary. The radios are distributed as follows:

  • Director, University Union
  • Asst. Director, Operations
  • Building Services Supervisor
  • Event Set-up Coordinator
  • Full Time and Student Asst. Maintenance Services Staff
  • Union Secretary
  • Information Desk
  • Building Manager
  • Event Services set up staff (2 only)

All employees with radios will hear all radio traffic simultaneously. Messages to specific individuals must be identified and acknowledged by name. It is imperative that all conversation be kept succinct and professional. All communication must be in English to ensure that all staff understands all messages.

Each radio is equipped with a charging stand. The radio should be charged at the end of each shift. They must be turned off while in the charger in order for them to accept a charge.


The Union maintains a radio paging system that can be operated from any touch-tone campus phone. Union Custodial Services student staff carries the receivers. All of the employees on pagers will pick up their pager and keys at the beginning of their shift and return them at the end of their shift. Student employees must inform the counter worker at the Information Desk of their pager number, and the pager number must be recorded on the whiteboard in the Building Manager’s office.

To operate the paging system, pick up any touch-tone campus phone and dial 22900. Listen for a single short "beep." If you hear a busy signal, hang up and try again. After the short "beep," dial the desired pager number and wait for a series of many short "beeps." After the beeping stops, give a short (no longer than fifteen seconds) voice message and conclude your message with the telephone extension number at which you can be reached. The person receiving your page will call you at that extension as soon as possible to verify receipt of your page.

Proper messages should consist of the name and phone number of the person paging, repeated once to ensure clarity.

This is a licensed radio transmitter. Do not in any way misuse the equipment.

Change History

Adopted: April 11, 2002


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