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General Statement

The University Union attempts to maximize our recycled materials and reduce, as much as is practical, the amount of material disposed of into waste products. Our methods of disposal and staff assignments are designed to comply with CSUS and State recycling guidelines.

Guidelines and Procedures

Refuse disposal by the Union will include recycling of all feasible materials. Refuse will be collected in the compactor on the South Loading Dock and a six-yard bin on the East Loading Dock. Recycling materials will consist of cardboard, newspapers, office paper and food/beverage containers. Office paper and newspapers will be collected and deposited into recycling containers by the Custodial Services staff. Cardboard will be collected on all three docks; newspapers will be collected on the North Loading Dock; office paper and beverage containers will be collected on the South Loading Dock.

All materials, both trash and recyclables, will be picked up by the City of Sacramento and the costs for hauling and disposal will be divided among areas using the disposal services according to level of use.

Only Union Building Operations staff will operate the compactor. You must be at least 18 years of age to operate the compactor.

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