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General Statement

The Union WELL Inc. shall operate facilities, programs and services and require staff to perform in a prudent manner in order to minimize risk.

Guidelines and Procedures

  1. The University Union Operation of CSU, Sacramento here in after known as Union WELL Inc. is authorized to operate only those activities, services and programs related to the operating agreement with the CSU Trustees. The Union WELL Inc. Executive Director shall implement activities, services or programs in addition to existing programs and services only after evaluation of risks involved and approval of the Board.
  2. Insurance coverage for all Union WELL Inc. operations shall have limits not less than: Property at replacement value, general and legal liability, bodily injury and property damage for each occurrence at 1 million dollars, all with a 3 million dollars umbrella, and 1 million dollar directors and officers liability. But in no case shall any coverage limit be less than required by outstanding bonds or the CSU.
  3. Crime and employee dishonesty insurance shall be maintained at a level commensurate with exposure potential. Purchasing, accounting, cash handling and banking procedures shall be maintained in keeping with adopted CSU, CSUS and Union WELL Inc. policies on these issues.
  4. Insurance coverage, claims and the insurance market shall be monitored by the Executive Director with adjustments in coverage made as necessary to maintain coverage and limits appropriate to changes in the legal and fiscal environment, contractual obligations and program risk potential.
  5. For those operations and programs which are conducted within the University Union and the WELL buildings by Contract and Agreement or by Sublease, operations and programs shall at all times be in compliance with insurance and indemnify and hold harmless requirements stipulated in those Contract and Agreement or Sublease documents. Stipulated requirements shall denote insurance that shall be carried by the Contract or Sublease holder (Contractor), naming the Union, CSUS, CSU and the State of California as additional insured’s which are to be held harmless by Contractor for all Contractor operations and programs which are conducted within or in conjunction with the Union. Those requirements for insurance coverage levels and types shall in no case be less than required by the Union Lease and Agreement with the CSU.
  6. Functions and services which are provided under these Contracts and Agreements and Subleases shall be only those approved by the Union WELL Inc. Board of Directors, shall be in compliance with the Union WELL Inc. Lease and Agreement and shall be subject to control and definition as delineated by the applicable Contract and Agreement or Sublease document. Such control and definition shall include but not be limited to applicable health and safety law and policy as well as risk limitation practices.
  7. In addition to risk management by contracts and/or insurance as noted above, it shall be the responsibility of the Executive Director, or others as assigned by the Executive Director, to
    1. Monitor and review Union and WELL managed operations and services on an ongoing basis to identify and reduce potential or inherent hazards or risks. Whenever possible, risk exposure to inherent methods, equipment, activities and customer interaction which imply inherent risk shall be adjusted as necessary to minimize risk, to reduce potential liability or to transfer such risk to an acceptable and responsible party through contractual requirements or insurance. When unacceptable risk cannot be reduced or transferred, then proper management shall exclude or prohibit those risks or activities as necessary to prevent jeopardizing the Union, the WELL, its members or customers.
    2. Advise and operate Union and WELL activity programs in a manner that assesses and limits exposure to risk on the part of volunteer students, Union WELL Inc. employees and program participants as well as to members of the audience. Assessment shall include materials; methods and equipment of production, audience, performance and performers’ anticipated activity and include concern for the well-being of all persons and property involved.
    3. Maintain practices of personnel administration in compliance with applicable law and policy and in a manner which limits the opportunity for accident or liability as a result of administrative or employee activity. New employee training and employee performance review and assistance processes shall include risk management practices. Preventative maintenance programs, building and equipment inspections, safety evaluations of operations and employee safety training shall be a regularized component of Union WELL Inc. operations. For employees who are in Sacramento State or University Enterprises Inc. (UEI) administered positions and who work under University Union supervision, employee benefits and insurance as required by law shall be provided by Sacramento State or the UEI as appropriate. Union WELL Inc. management shall function in a manner to gain compliance with all applicable employment, hazardous materials, environmental, safety, compensation and non-discrimination requirements whether required by law or the employer of record.
    4. Ensure that risk inherent activities by others, when conducted in concert with the Union or sponsored by others in University Union and WELL facilities, shall be reviewed by Union WELL Inc. personnel to evaluate for risk prior to approval for scheduling. In keeping with Board policy, scheduled events shall be adjusted by production processes, by limits of hours, by attendance constraints or by security provided if necessary to reduce or eliminate the opportunity for accident, injury, liability or other risk. All such events shall be monitored to ensure risk management compliance and safe and secure setup and operation during the event.
    5. As described in Union and WELL scheduling policies, scheduling of events by others in Union facilities, except for served food service events, shall be permitted only for Sacramento State departments and recognized organizations and for community service organizations in support of Sacramento State public service functions. For all events that present a risk potential the sponsoring organization shall by signature and/or CSU policy assume responsibility and liability for their activities. Whenever risks to the Union or WELL from activities by other organizations cannot be suitably reduced, then such activity shall not be scheduled or take place unless the Executive Director is able to take steps to provide for the safety of persons and property. In such instances, the Union WELL Inc., by insurance provided by the responsible organization, shall be named as additional insured and be held harmless from activities sponsored by others.
    6. Ensure that all drivers and vehicles functioning on behalf of the Union WELL Inc. are properly licensed and insured. Transportation by the Union WELL Inc.-to-Union WELL Inc. events or for movement of Union WELL Inc. materials shall be provided only with assurance that all vehicles have been properly maintained in a safe and legal manner and all drivers properly trained and licensed in compliance with all applicable provisions of law and policy.
    7. Provide compliance with University and UEI policies on public and personnel injury and accident records and follow up with review to identify and reduce hazards and liability.
  8. In keeping with Board intent and this policy, all employees and members of the Union WELL Inc. Board and committees shall commit to an ongoing process of identifying, evaluating and controlling losses resulting from injuries, misuse, theft and liability. It is the intent of the Board that whenever possible risk management shall take place to enable rather than eliminate programs and operations. In this light, every effort shall be made to provide a safe environment for guests and employees, to protect assets and to reduce potential for loss of resources, thus ensuring the ongoing provision of services to the members of the University community.

Change History

Adopted: May 9, 2002

Updated: December 9, 2013

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