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The University Union, in collaboration with the Student Organizations and Leadership Office and the Department of Public Safety, developed this policy in order to facilitate Special Events and Dances in the University Union. Many of the events covered by this policy will be described as dances, but the policy is written to be wider in scope. It also takes into consideration the fact that some of these events are not sponsored by CSUS Student Clubs and Organizations, but by local High Schools and other organizations. Therefore, the language we have chosen is broad and intended to apply to a wide range of potential event sponsors.

The vast majority of events covered by this policy will, however, be CSUS Student Organization sponsored dances. Through implementation of these guidelines students will learn management, leadership and organizational skills that will further develop their respect for the campus and for their fellow students.

Criteria: What Defines An Event As A Special Event?

  1. The event is scheduled to run later than normal building hours.
  2. The event sponsor is charging admission.
  3. The University is not sponsoring the event.
  4. Expected attendance will exceed 100.
  5. Scheduled use of sound and/or lighting equipment that may impact other building events.
  6. If an event meets four or more of these criteria it will be considered a Special Event and will be subject to the following policies:

Campus Department Of Public Safety

  1. For CSUS Student Organization sponsored events, the Student Organizations and Leadership Office (SOAL) will notify The Department of Public Safety (DPS) of the sponsor’s plan for the event. Notification will take place no less than 30 days prior to the event for attendance projections of 100-300 and no less than 60 days prior for events with attendance projections of 301 plus.
  2. For non-CSUS Student Organization events, the Union Arrangements office will administer the notification and timelines listed above.
  3. DPS will recommend the number of officers to be assigned to the event based on the information provided by the sponsor and the SOAL. The sponsor’s specific room request will be a key consideration, as the room capacity will determine the size limits for the projected attendance. The Union will require the recommended officer staffing level.
  4. Metal detectors may be required as recommended by DPS. If required, DPS will provide and operate the detectors. Walk-through detectors are preferred. The Union will require the recommended detectors.
  5. The Union encourages the use of part time DPS personnel to supplement the security levels. Part-time DPS officers may be assigned to supplement the officers noted in section III, #3 above. The hourly cost for part time officers is comparable to outside firms, and the training and coordination with our DPS is far superior. If off-campus security services are arranged for by the event sponsor, the service must comply with all DPS requirements.
  6. Members of the sponsoring organization must be highly identifiable to the officers by wearing identical t-shirts, jackets or other similar item. The sponsoring organization must provide these clothing items.
  7. No person will be admitted within one hour of closing.
  8. The cash box/change fund handling procedures will be submitted by the sponsor to DPS for review prior to the event so that post-event cash handling is safe and predictable. (See Cash Box Procedures, section XIV below)
  9. DPS has the authority to close any event that the officers on duty feel is escalating to difficult or dangerous levels.

Event Insurance

  1. The sponsoring organization is responsible for acquiring sufficient event insurance naming “The University Union Operation of CSUS, California State University Sacramento and the CSU System as additional insured.” Note: this language must appear on the certificate.
  2. A certificate of insurance must be on file at the University Union office no less than three weeks prior to the event.
  3. If the sponsoring organization is unable to procure the insurance then the Union, at the request of the sponsoring organization, will request a policy through Campus Support Services, Risk Management Office. Please note that this insurance has many coverage limitations. Refer to the CSUS Web page address for reference. If an appropriate policy can be acquired then the sponsor must provide payment for the amount of the policy by cash or cashiers check no less than three weeks prior to the event.

Promotional Materials And Distribution

  1. Promotional materials may be distributed only on the CSUS campus. This includes, but is not limited to, flyers, postcards, posters, banners, signs, lawn stakes, electronic notification including Web sites and e-mail. Radio advertisements are prohibited except by KSSU. Violation of this policy will very likely result in the cancellation of the event. Exceptions may be made for High School dances and other off-campus organizations, subject to the review and approval process.
  2. All promotional materials must include a clear statement of the event guest policy. See section VII below.
  3. Promotional materials for student groups must be approved in advance in draft form by the SOAL prior to distribution.
  4. Student Organizations must adhere to SOAL publicity and Posting policies as found at the
  5. For non-student events, promotional materials, if any, must also adhere to these guidelines and must be approved in advance in draft form by the University Union Arrangements Office.

Time Deadlines For Room Arrangements

  1. As noted in section II, events with an expected attendance of 100-300 must be requested no later than 30 calendar days in advance and events with an expected attendance of 301 or more must be requested no later than 60 days in advance.
  2. Room arrangements such as furniture set-up, stages, dance floor size and location, food arrangements, audio-visual needs and entrance areas must be completed no less than 3 weeks prior to the event. The Union Arrangements office will draw final room diagrams no less than 2 weeks prior and the event sponsor must sign them. No changes to the room set up arrangements may be made after that date. No changes will be made the day of the event.
  3. Signatures from the event sponsor and the SOAL Advisor must be on file in the Arrangements office no later than two weeks prior to the event.
  4. See attached timeline for clarification.

CSUS Student And Guest Policy (CSUS Student Organizations)

  1. Special events are open only to enrolled CSUS students and their individually invited guests.
  2. CSUS students must have their CSUS OneCard with them in order to enter the event. A Union or University staff member must be hired by the event sponsor to check OneCards at the door.
  3. Only one guest is permitted per CSUS student.
  4. Guests must accompany the CSUS student and enter the event simultaneously.
  5. Guests must sign in at the room entrance prior to being admitted.
  6. Guests must be 18 years of age or older and may be asked to show ID to verify their age.
  7. CSUS students are responsible for the behavior and activity of their guests.
  8. For non-CSUS student events the guest policy will be adapted as appropriate for the event and the sponsoring organization.

Guest Policy (University-Sponsored Or Off-Campus Sponsored, Intended As Applicable To High School Proms And Balls)

  1. Special events are open only to individuals invited by the event sponsor and their individually invited guests.
  2. Only one guest is permitted per event sponsor invitees.
  3. Guests must accompany the invitee and enter the event simultaneously with the invitee.
  4. Guests must sign in at the room entrance prior to being admitted.

Crowd Control Plan

  1. The event sponsor will be required to submit a crowd control plan. DPS will review the plan with SOAL and the event sponsor no less than one week prior to the event.
  2. Accommodations must be made for the controlled and steady dispersal of people in the parking lots after the event.
  3. The event sponsor is responsible for the behavior of the attendees following the event and may be held accountable for damage or injuries that occur on the CSUS campus after the event.

Stage Manager Duties

  1. The stage manager is an individual identified by the event sponsor as the person in charge of the talent on stage and the orderly progression of the performance (s). He or she is not charged with managing the venue itself.
  2. The stage manager must meet with the Union Building Supervisor and an officer from DPS one hour prior to the event to review the program for the night.

Mandatory Training For Sponsoring Organization Members

  1. Members of the sponsoring organization and their designated assistants are required to attend an event planning and training meeting no less than one week prior to the event.
  2. The meeting will be run jointly by the University Union, SOAL and DPS.
  3. Topics covered will include, but not be limited to:
    1. Building access and egress
    2. Cash handling procedures
    3. Guest policy enforcement
    4. Entrance control including metal detectors
    5. Monitoring back doors to the venue
    6. Crowd management inside and outside the venue
    7. Fire exit routes and regulations
    8. Wristbands or other identification
    9. Re-entry policy
    10. Alcohol policy
    11. Post-event clean-up and crowd dispersal
  4. A final meeting will be held on the day of the event, no later than 4pm, with the sponsoring organization officers, SOAL and the University Union to review all event plans and responsibilities.


  1. Alcohol will not be permitted for sale or consumption in the Union building during the event, except for normal retail operations.

Prohibited Items – Video Cameras, Bottles, Cans, Etc.

  1. Individuals attending the event may be asked to relinquish or store any personal possessions they may have on their person before entering the event room. The security personnel and/or DPS will make this request.

Cash Box Procedures/ Accounting Responsibilities For Student Organization Sponsors.

  1. The event change fund will be requested via a check requisition to the ASI Business Office no less than one week in advance.
  2. An officer of the sponsoring organization will be identified at the training session (see XI above) will be responsible for bringing the change fund to the event and removing it afterward.
  3. The revenue from the event must be stored in the ASI Business office after the event, pending an accounting during the next business day.
  4. A DPS officer and the Building Supervisor will accompany the sponsoring organization’s officer back to the ASI Business Office.
  5. A change fund accounting sheet will be completed and signed by the sponsor’s officer and the Building Supervisor prior to storing the cash box in the ASI office safe.
  6. No vendors or talent are to be paid out of the cash box the night of the event.

Change History


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