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General Statement

Special Events are defined as those that are one-time or annual events and that have an expected attendance of 100 or more. Space for Special Events may be requested earlier than for regular meetings because of the need for significant advance planning for these events. 

Guidelines and Procedures

The University Union accepts space requests for regular, general meetings from student organizations and University departments in April for the coming Fall semester and in November for the coming Spring semester. These are typically weekly meetings but may be held at other intervals as well. Special Events, as defined by this policy, may be requested and reserved significantly earlier than regular meetings. This is done to allow better advance planning for what are usually large and complex events.

In order to be considered a Special Event it must meet the following criteria:

  1. The event must be no more than a single occurrence each semester, and occurring no more than twice each year. Exceptions may be made for an ongoing performance series.
  2. The event must have a clearly defined purpose or program.
  3. The event must require some advance planning and/or publication in order to be successful.
  4. The event will typically attract more than 100 people.

Special Events may be requested and reserved up to 24 months in advance, on the following schedule:

  • Student Organizations – up to 24 months in advance
  • University Departments – up to 18 months in advance
  • Off-campus organizations – up to 12 months in advance

Change History

Adopted: May 3, 2002

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