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General Statement

The Union, in an effort to meet the needs of its employees and volunteers working in the Union, has installed a limited number of lockers for use by Union personnel.

Guidelines and Procedures

These lockers are available at no charge to staff and volunteers in the Union. These lockers will be issued under the direction of the Assistant Director, the Union Food Service Manager for all food service employees, the Associate Director for all program staff, and the Building Services Supervisor for non-program and non-food service staff. Staff and volunteers are advised that these lockers remain the property of the University Union and may be emptied, cleaned, repaired or serviced at any time without prior notice. Padlocks placed on lockers without prior approval will be removed and discarded by Union management.

The limited number of lockers may require that some staff share lockers, but only by prior agreement.

Change History

Adopted: April 11, 2002


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