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General Statement

Travel shall be authorized in accordance with the following principles:

  1. Travel is usually warranted when personal contact by the staff member is the most economical method of conducting official Union WELL Inc. business.
  2. Attendance at conferences and meetings is limited to persons immediately concerned with the topics to be discussed or the business to be transacted.
  3. The most economical method of transportation must be selected in terms of direct expense to Union WELL Inc. and the individual's time away from the normal work location. Provided the mode of transportation selected does not conflict with the needs of the Union WELL Inc., the employee may use a more expensive form of transportation and be reimbursed at the amount required for a less expensive form of transportation.
  4. By approving the travel expense claim (TEC) form, the approving authority certifies that the expenses are reasonable and necessary to conduct official Union WELL Inc. business.

Reimbursement of travel expense incurred by Union WELL Inc. officers or employees, or Sacramento State employees, or students, or others conducting Union WELL Inc. business shall be comparable to the reimbursement normally provided by Sacramento State for its employees.

A lesser or partial rate reimbursement may be justified as an exception when group rates on group travel allows for lesser actual costs to be incurred, when individuals at their own discretion claim lesser reimbursement, when participation is at the individual's option at pre-agreed rates, or when participation in Union WELL Inc. programs is offered and accepted within announced specific allocations for program participant travel expense.

Any employee issued a corporate credit card should always use their corporate credit card for any travel expenses, unless there is an extenuating circumstance. In this instance, the reason must be notated on the receipt provided for reimbursement. 

All reimbursements of travel expenses through Union WELL Inc. funds shall require documentation and evidence comparable to that for CSU employees, shall require prior approvals by the Executive Director, or Director and documented approval of all expenses and reimbursements.

Guidelines and Procedures:

All travel must be approved in advance in order for expenses to be claimed for travel involving Union WELL Inc. business. Reimbursements shall be in accordance with Union WELL Inc. policy.  Exceptions to the Travel Reimbursement Policy require the written approval of the Executive Director. 

Using CSU Chancellor's Office rates, actual and necessary expenses will be paid for approved travel involving official Union WELL Inc. business. Submit travel expense claims to Union WELL Inc. upon return from the trip. Expense claims are to be submitted within 60 calendar days from the date of return from travel. Refer to Union WELL Inc. Travel Procedures for employee specific deadlines. At the end of the fiscal year, all travel expenses must be claimed for June 30 or earlier.

Volunteers: Union WELL Inc. may reimburse the pre-authorized travel expenses of volunteers who are performing services on behalf of Union WELL Inc., provided the expenses are properly substantiated.


Generally, there are two reasons for altering business-related travel for personal convenience:

  • Utilizing a different method of transportation, and
  • Extending travel for personal reasons 

When a different method of transportation is used for personal convenience, such as driving instead of flying, driving alone when others are traveling, Union WELL Inc. will pay the lesser cost of the two methods. If the alternate method is used and requires additional time, the staff member must use his/her own personal time.

If an employee or volunteer extends their travel for personal reasons, any additional expenses incurred beyond the scope of the original business trip, are the responsibility of the traveler and must have advanced written approval by the Executive Director or a Director. Traveler must submit documentation of travel costs without the extension in addition to their desired travel costs. Traveler must pay for the difference between the two costs at the time of travel purchase(s) whenever possible (e.g. purchase of airfare or payment of lodging.)

Miscellaneous Automobile-related Expenses:

Charges for ferries, bridges, tunnels, or toll roads may be claimed by the vehicle operator. Reasonable charges for parking while an employee is traveling on Union WELL Inc. business will be allowed for the following:

  • Day parking on trips away from an employee's normal work location;
  • Day and all night parking on overnight trips away from an employee's normal work location or residence if free overnight parking is not available.

Union WELL Inc. will reimburse for parking in the Economy Lot and Daily Lot A & B only. If traveler chooses to park in Parking Garage A & B or Hourly Parking, Union WELL Inc. will reimburse at the Daily Lot A & B and excess charges are the responsibility of the employee. Traveler can refer to the parking map for Sacramento International Airport at "" for lot locations. Valet parking charges in excess of normal parking charges shall be the responsibility of the traveler, unless the traveler obtains an exception from the Executive Director.

Allowable Mileage Expense:

Mileage shall ordinarily be computed between the traveler's normal work location and the common carrier or destination.

Mileage expenses may be allowed between the traveler's residence and the common carrier or destination if Union WELL Inc. business travel occurs during the traveler's non-working hours, or during a regularly scheduled day off.

When a traveler is authorized to drive a private vehicle to or from a common carrier terminal, mileage may be reimbursed as follows:

  • One round trip, including parking for the duration of the trip; or
  • Two round trips, including short-term parking expenses, when an employee is driven to a common carrier. If an employee has a temporary assignment away from campus, (e.g., single day workshop, local conference, training, etc.) which does not require an overnight stay, reimbursement shall be made for mileage expenses incurred between the campus and the assignment location, or home and the assignment location, whichever is less. 

Mileage expenses for travel between the traveler's residence and normal work location (commuting expense) shall not be allowed.

The following applies to all domestic travel:

When two or more persons on Union WELL Inc. business share a private vehicle, only the driver may claim reimbursement for mileage.

 The standard reimbursement rate per mile is set forth below. This rate takes into account all actual automobile expenses such as fuel and lubrication, towing charges, maintenance and repairs, tires, depreciation, vehicle registration, and insurance.

According to IRS regulations, travelers who claim this rate are not required to substantiate the actual costs of operating the vehicle.


Union WELL Inc. employees who do any amount of business-related driving, will fall into one of two categories: occasional drivers (drives less than 4 times per month) and non-occasional drivers (drives 4 times per month or more). An employee, in either category, who uses a vehicle on Union WELL Inc. business is required to have, or submit for approval:

  • Evidence of current liability insurance coverage in their possession.
  • A valid driver license in their possession.
  • Meet the requirements for a Defensive Driving class.
  • A completed Request for Authorization For Occasional Drivers to Operate a Vehicle to Conduct Business form, or Request for Authorization For Non-Occasional Drivers to Operate a Vehicle to Conduct Business form

Union WELL Inc. employees who are classified as “non-occasional drivers” will be responsible for additional compliance with UEI policy.


All Union WELL Inc. employees are provided with Workers’ Compensation coverage, through UEI (or the state in the event of the Executive Director), for work?related injury or illness that occurs during a Union WELL Inc. approved business trip.

Use of Privately owned vehicles:

 AUTHORIZATION TO USE PRIVATELY OWNED VEHICLES – Union WELL Inc. has the responsibility for authorizing persons to drive privately owned vehicles to conduct official Union WELL Inc. business. Before a person may be authorized to use a privately owned vehicle to conduct Union WELL Inc. business, the person must certify in writing that the vehicle used will always be:

  • Covered by liability insurance in at least the following amounts:
    • $15,000 for personal injury to, or death of, one person,
    • $30,000 for personal injury to two or more persons in one accident, and
    • $5,000 for property damage;
    • Adequate for the work to be performed;
    • Equipped with safety belts in operating condition; and
    • In safe mechanical condition as required by law.

This certification will be recorded on a standard form, Request for Authorization For Occasional Drivers to Operate a Vehicle to Conduct Business, or the Request for Authorization For Non-Occasional Drivers to Operate a Vehicle to Conduct Business. For all drivers, the completed form shall be submitted to the Union WELL Inc. Director of Financial Services, and in the case of non-occasional drivers, the forms will be forwarded to UEI (for retention) along with copies of the individual’s driver license and proof of insurance.

An employee’s personal automobile insurance policy is the primary coverage for liability and damages in the event of an accident while on Union WELL Inc. business.

Claims paid by private insurance for accidents to privately owned vehicles while being operated on Union WELL Inc. business are not reimbursable from Union WELL Inc. funds. An employee may seek relief from out-of-pocket expenses, such as deductibles, via Union WELL Inc. funds.

Failure to comply with the requirements under the use of privately owned vehicles section, the driver and vehicle owner will then hold Union WELL Inc. harmless from any and all liability or claims from the vehicle owner.

Failure to comply will also result in the employee or volunteer’s inability to travel on Union WELL Inc. business, per the discretion of the Executive Director.

Use of Rental Cars:

Employees who rent a car through the approved State vehicle contract agency will be provided insurance through that agreement.

Reimbursement Rates

(Rates on this page automatically adjust to current University rates and does not require Board of Directors Approval for any adjustment done at the campus level.)

Rates Effective: 1.1.20

Mileage: $0.575 per mile

Meals:  $55.00 per day

Incidentals: $7.00 per night of overnight travel.

Lodging: A maximum of $275.00 per night, excluding taxes for in-state and out-of-state travel, including Alaska, Hawaii, and US possessions. Exception must be approved in advance of travel

Change History

Adopted: September 1982

Updated: May 9, 2002

Updated: April 29, 2011

Updated: February 19, 2014

Updated: February 17, 2016

Updated: April 19, 2017

Updated: May 1, 2020

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