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General Statement

Because University departments receive preferential facility use fees and priority over off-campus groups for space reservations, it is important to clearly distinguish what constitutes a university and University-Sponsored off-campus event.

Guidelines and Procedures

The following requirements all must be met to be declared an University-sponsored event:

  1. Although an initial inquiry for space may come from an off-campus organization, the actual written reservation request must come from a faculty, staff or administrative member of the department that is sponsoring the event.
  2. The sponsoring department must give all details and arrangements for the event directly to the Union Arrangements office. No arrangements, changes or cancellations may be given by anyone outside that department.
  3. The department chair, director or dean must sign the reservation form. The Union, in special circumstances, may choose to waive this requirement for regular meetings held in the Union.
  4. Payment of facility use fees (if any) must be made to the Union directly by the sponsoring department.
  5. The event must be related to the educational and/or community service mission of the department.
  6. Charges for University Sponsored Events will fall under the 3rd tier of the fee schedule specially designed for University departments sponsoring off-campus events, and the funds for payment must come from the sponsoring department. . This category of event may be changed to University Department or Auxiliary Organization if, at the discretion of the Union Director, an event is deemed to be primarily in support of the University’s educational mission.

Change History

Adopted: May 9, 2002

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