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Mopeds, bicycles, electric scooters, razor scooters, non-electric scooters, skateboards, roller-skates, rollerblades, with the exception of ADA designated assistance devices, are prohibited from entering the Union or The WELL, under any circumstance.

General Statement

Bicycle parking areas are provided as a part of the Union’s and The WELL’s effort to encourage alternative travel methods when coming to campus. Bicycle parking areas are provided in several exterior locations for guests’ and employees’ convenience.

Guidelines and Procedures

Parking other than in designated areas may result in a citation issued by University Police. Union and WELL staff may relocate or lock the illegally parked bicycle in order to identify and instruct the owner on proper bicycle procedure.

It is especially important that walks and entrances be kept clear of parked bicycles because they create obstacles to pedestrian traffic and may impede emergency egress. With the exception of University Public Safety bicycles, bicycles are not permitted within the Union or The WELL, except in the Bicycle Repair Shop. University Public Safety bicycles are restricted to the corridor behind the north elevator and inside the East Lobby entrance against the food court wall.


Combined two policies: Bicycles (Adopted 6/75, 3/14/02 & 12/2/09) and Skates (Adopted 12/95)

Change History

Adopted: June 1975

Updated: December 1995

Updated: March 14, 2002

Updated: December 2, 2009

Updated: December 2012

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