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2.6. Students attending school during the summer will be able to continue their WELL membership if they are enrolled in a summer session. If a Sac State student is not enrolled in the summer session, then they will be required to pay a membership fee.


3. Policy-   Administrators, Faculty, Staff, and Emeriti


4.1. Sac State Alumni Association Members are eligible for membership.  Proof of Alumni Association membership is required.


5. Policy –Pre - Pre Paid Alumni 

5.1. Alumni who have paid the full University Union student fee as approved by the 2004 referendum for the WELL and did not get to utilize the facility, will be eligible to become pre-paid members of the WELL at a discounted rate. 


6.4. Daily guest passes are available for member sponsored guests and individuals eligible for membership.  Rates may vary. Three-day guest passes are available for purchase on Friday or Saturday and are valid for use on a consecutive Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


7. Policy-    Sponsored Person

7.1. Membership is available to one sponsored person of any current WELL member. A sponsored member is defined as an individual who resides with a current WELL member. The WELL member must be present at time of enrollment or renewal.  Proof of shared residency is required.