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General Statement

Certain employees are required by University Union, Inc. and The WELL to carry cell phones so they may be contacted by staff when they are not on duty. IRS regulations now require that cell phones be treated differently and that their service is possible taxable income.

Guidelines and Procedures


Purchased/reimbursed/provided by the University Union/WELL. Instrument and service are at the discretion of the individual employee. The expenditure is not to exceed $200.00, every two years.


  • Existing Employee
    • The employee can continue to maintain the Nextel service and phone number that is currently provided to the employee, but must reimburse by personal payment the cost of the service plan.
    • The employee may keep the existing number and service but transfer the service to a personal account.
    • The employee may purchase a new instrument, begin new service (of their choice) and import their existing phone number to the new service. Service is paid by employee.
  • New Employees
    • New employees that are required by the University Union/WELL to carry a cell phone, may continue with their existing instrument or have the Union/WELL reimburse the purchase of a new instrument, but must carry the service as a personal expense.

Change History

Adopted: March 18, 2009

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