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General Statement

It is the policy of Union WELL Inc. to abide by and enforce all University policies, as well as local, state, and federal laws that govern freedom of expression.

The University Union is a central gathering place that builds community, provides a variety of reservable meeting and event spaces, open lounge areas, offices, programs, services, and vendors within a single campus facility. In the course of bringing together diverse people, uses, and offerings in a very busy, sometimes crowded environment, there is always the potential for disagreement or objection to the content and activity taking place. Our practice is to proactively create an atmosphere that encourages the open, respectful, and tolerant exchange of ideas, while protecting the safety, freedom of movement, and access of our patrons as they go about their business. 

The WELL is a membership facility dedicated to serving the students, faculty, staff and alumni of Sacramento State in the pursuit of their wellness goals. Union WELL Inc. actions in this regard are guided by time, place, and manner guidelines and procedures of the University, as well as practices pertinent to the specific nature of each facility.

Guidelines and Procedures

  1. The current campus policy on “Time, Place, and Manner Restrictions on Speech and Speech-Related Activities” will be the primary guide utilized by Union WELL Inc. staff and campus officials for assessment, actions, and remedies in dealing with activity, concerns, business disruptions, and conflicts related to freedom of expression.

  2. Groups exercising freedom of expression cannot impede facilities access, previously scheduled events, or educational attainment. The campus policy also specifies and requires advanced reservations for freedom of expression activities “inside University buildings”, as well as prohibiting such activities on ramps, entrances, pedestrian pathways, and breezeways.

  3. Accordingly, outdoor areas that do not impede access or disrupt reservable or academic space are the permissible venues for activism, demonstrations, and protests, in general.

  4. Because the Union is an auxiliary facility, paid for by student funds and intended to be a hub of extracurricular activity, the University offers the Union’s management the latitude to allow for indoor protest activity by individuals and groups, in certain circumstances and within parameters where the accommodation can be reasonably made, indoor space may be available.. Receiving such accommodation is both a privilege and an exception to the campus restriction on such activity taking place inside University buildings. This opportunity is provided entirely at the Union Management’s discretion on a case-by-case basis and is not guaranteed or required.

    The WELL is a membership facility that will follow the University’s “Time, Place and Manner Restrictions on Speech and Speech - Related Activities”.  The cement apron in front of The WELL will be provided as an exception to the University policy under certain circumstances.

    Both facilities will take the following considerations in to account when determining whether to provide this opportunity.  These factors will also be utilized to establish parameters for a given situation:

    a. General safety and impact on the facility and patrons

    b. Ability to ensure the free flow of patrons and Union WELL Inc.-housed entities

    c. Building occupancy, density, and distribution of patrons

    d. Time of day

    e. Availability of a space that will not be unduly disruptive to the building’s business, both in a general sense and in relation to nearby meeting      rooms, programs, and offices.

    f. Noise level of the protest activity

    g. Union WELL Inc. staff levels and expertise sufficient to assist with accommodating the activity

    h. Assessment of potential for conflict: e.g., the level of organization and self-control displayed by participants, indicators of how well the activity will    be received by those being impacted directly  and other building patrons

    i. Risk of physical sabotage, misleading patrons, or promoting an unlawful end

    j. Compliance and agreement by the protesters with any parameters established and offered by Union WELL Inc. management in offering a    designated location

  5. Commercial displays, sales, surveys, petitions, or solicitations by, or for the benefit of, private enterprise, individuals or organizations beyond those of our contracted vendors are not permitted in the Union or adjacent grounds.

  6. The sale of merchandise directly related to programs held in the Union WELL Inc.’s reservable spaces (e.g. recorded music, video, posters, artwork, literature offered by the event presenter) may be permitted within the program space, at the time the program is offered, and in certain circumstances where it is provided for the convenience, benefit, and reasonable expectation of the event’s patrons and the campus. In all such cases, merchandise sales are to be secondary and subordinate to the primary program purpose and offering. Such merchandise sales must be approved by the Union WELL Inc management and, in the case of student organizations, with concurrent approval by the Student Organizations and Leadership Office.

  7. The active distribution of non-commercial flyers and handbills and the surveying of patrons within Union WELL Inc. facilities may only take place at reservable meeting rooms, offices, and lease spaces, and only by those formally utilizing those spaces.

  8. Union WELL Inc. offers digital signage display opportunities for campus departments and recognized student clubs and organizations to announce their events.  Submissions may be made through the Union’s website. Student organization submissions through the website undergo additional approval by the Student Organizations and Leadership Office.

  9.  Union WELL Inc. offers limited promotional space determined by management staff for campus departments and recognized student clubs and organizations to post and offer flyers that announce their events. All approved posting and distribution may only be implemented by Union WELL Inc. staff.  Submissions may be made at  the following locations:

a. The Union’s Information Desk

b. The Union's Administration Office, 3rd floor

c. The WELL front desk

    The WELL Administration office, 1st floor 

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Change History

Adopted: April 19, 2017


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