General Statement

Informal and promotional literature may be posted only on bulletin boards designated for that purpose. Walls, doors, windows, etc. are not available for posting. Designated areas are available for personal, promotional, political, off-campus events and educational information. There is no provision for posting of commercial materials.

Guidelines and Procedures

All posting and removal of items on bulletin boards will be done daily by the Union staff. Items may be left for posting at the Program Office on the third floor. Please indicate name and telephone number of person requesting posting and name of organization on back of item to be posted. Items cannot be saved after posting and will be discarded appropriately.

Personal items may be posted no longer than three weeks. Length of time for publicity information will be adjusted by demand for space, date of event, and size of poster. Items posted in the interior or on the exterior of the Union other than on designated boards by the Union staff will be immediately removed or relocated to the appropriate area. In no case will the Union be responsible for saving such items.

Change History

Adopted: March 14. 2002