General Statement

The University Union is a large public building with many exterior entrances, and it takes considerable time and attention to detail in order to ensure proper closing at the end of each day. These procedures are designed to promote a safe and secure building after public hours of operation.

Guidelines and Procedures

In order to provide proper security, enable necessary cleaning, ready the building for the following day's operation, and avoid unnecessary employee wage expenses, it is necessary that the building be closed promptly at scheduled closing hours. The Building Supervisor on duty will ensure that closing hours are promptly and conscientiously observed at all times, and by both guests and employees.

Only employees and volunteers on duty are permitted in the Union during closed hours. All other employees and guests will be requested to leave at authorized closing hours. No guests of employees will be permitted.

When special events services of any kind require work or access during normally closed hours authorization will be required in advance by Union management staff. Without such authorization, persons cannot be permitted use of facilities when the building is closed.

An exception to this policy is made for the ASI Government Office and the State Hornet newspaper. They are permitted access 24 hours/day through the designated West Lobby entrance door. The vestibule doors at the west end of 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors are to be locked at closing each night to limit building access by those individuals to only their areas.

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Change History

Adopted: March 14, 2002

Updated: March 19, 2014