General Statement

The primary purpose of the exit interview is to be used as an assessment tool in improving the University Union. This tool is to assist supervisors in evaluating how the University Union can make the student assistant positions more effective while also potentially increasing the retention/longevity of employees in these positions.

Guidelines and Procedures

The exit interview will take place within approximately one week of the student assistant’s separation date. The exit interview should involve a face-to-face discussion between the employee and the supervisor. The supervisor asks the questions and fills out the form.

Participation in the exit interview, though strongly encouraged, is strictly voluntary on the part of the separating employee. If the employee declines to participate, or is unavailable to do so, the supervisor makes note of that on the exit interview form. The exit interview form will be signed (whenever possible) and dated by the employee as well as the supervisor.

These exit interview forms are to be kept on file by the supervisor for at least two semesters. In addition to reviewing each exit interview form when it is filled out, the supervisor will also review all the exit interview forms at the end of each semester to look for any trends. A data base of responses will be established since the formation of trends may take several years.

Change History

Adopted: December 13, 2001