General Statement

The University Union is committed to the responsible handling of cash and checks as well as other revenue collection as a part of doing business.

Guidelines and Procedures

  1. Cash or checks payable to the Union and received by the University Union Office or any Union employee will immediately be deposited to the proper Union account via the ASI cashier and receipt obtained for the funds from the cashier. Such receipt identifies the date, source, amount, and account to be credited.
  2. Facility use invoices will be prepared based on approved fees and facility use confirmation. Invoices will be prepared and forwarded by the ASI Accounting Office on behalf of the University Union. The Arrangements Office will initiate each invoice by memo to the ASI Office indicating use, date, name and address of customer, and amount, as well as account to be credited. 

    The Assistant Director will, on a regular basis, review and compare the scheduling records and invoice generating memos to insure that appropriate invoices are being generated for services rendered.
  3. Games Room change funds, in and out, and cash received shall be compared on a daily basis to register tapes to verify accuracy of income and cash handling. Supervisor will spot check table use on a regular basis insuring that all customers are logged in on the cash register computer while using tables.
  4. Revenue from the Games Room Electronic Amusements is to be counted on a weekly basis (less frequently during the summer and holiday periods). Together, a representative from the Electronic Amusement Vendor and a representative of the University Union will count the gross revenue from all the machines. The percentage split (as specified by contract) will be applied to the gross revenue, and both representatives would sign a receipt for the amount due the University Union. Within two weeks the Electronic Amusement Vendor would format a check to the Union for the last revenue collection. Twice a year (December 31 and June 30) the accumulated revenue due the Union would be compared against the contract guarantee. Any shortfall would then be invoiced to the vendor for payment within 30 days.
  5. Ticket sales for Union programs will be handled through the Central Ticket Office. See "Ticket Revenue Accountability Policy".
  6. Monthly account balances for all Union revenue accounting is provided by the ASI Business Office with supervisors, managers, and Director reviewing such balances to insure proper receipt and account crediting of income.
  7. Monthly outstanding receivables for each Union department will be provided by the ASI Business Office. Supervisors, managers, and Director review such receivables and with department managers following up on overdue collectibles.
  8. The Union shall maintain for employees bonds or adequate crime insurance to an amount commensurate with funds handled by/available to that employee.
  9. Contract with ASI shall require assumption of liability, audit, and insurance for all Union funds and accounts handled.

Change History

Adopted: January, 1983

Updated: May 9, 2002