General Statement

The consumption and enjoyment of food is a popular activity in the University Union.  This policy addresses the needs of those who wish to consume food and beverages in non-food service space and those Student Organizations who wish to supply their own food at closed meetings.

Guidelines and Procedures

Recognizing the costs, staff and housekeeping involved, food is allowed in the Union only where and when served by the Union Food Service.

This policy shall not, however, prevent "brown bag" lunches from being consumed in an area such as The Hornet's Nest where the Union Food Service is concurrently serving food to the general public.  Single servings of food may also be taken upstairs to offices and to public lounge areas as long as it presents no risk of appreciable damage to Union furnishings.  Individuals are asked to take responsibility for their choices and to give attention to the care and appearance of the Union.  When food items exceed these guidelines guests may be asked by Union staff to remove them.

The Union Director or designee may grant approval for specialty items of food to be brought into the Union by organizations scheduling space when the Event Services Office has certified that such items cannot be supplied and served by the Union Food Service and the serving of such items will not be detrimental to the health, safety or maintenance of the Union, its staff or other guests, and when expenses incurred by the Union are reimbursed by the scheduling group.


Recognizing the implications and importance of refreshments as an amenity of social interaction, Sacramento State student clubs and organizations may utilize self-service pastry and beverage refreshments for scheduled events in keeping with the following:

  1. This exception to allow for self-service refreshments may not be utilized for public events nor for sale of food at an event.  It is the intent of this exception to allow organizations to provide, for their own members and individual member's guests, light refreshments for organizational meetings, lectures, and other nonpublic programs.

  2. Self-service refreshments shall be limited to the following:
    1. Pastries such as brownies, cookies, donuts, or unfilled cupcakes, i.e. pastries which do not require temperature control to maintain health standards
    2. Hot and cold beverages.
    3. Snack foods that do not require temperature controls to maintain health standards such as chips, crackers, nuts, fresh or dried fruit, pretzels and other similar items. 
  3. The following restrictions shall apply:
    1. Alcoholic beverages of any kind shall not be permitted.
    2. All items must be prepared under sanitary conditions outside of the University Union and must be brought ready to serve into the University Union.  No preparation or equipment clean-up will be permitted in scheduled rooms or other University Union facilities.
    3. Self-service refreshments must be brought into the Union in closed cartons or containers which prevent spillage in public and scheduled areas of the building and which meet health standards for protection of food from contamination.
  4. All necessary and proper service supplies must be provided by the organization.
  5. Perishable items may not be served.  This includes dairy products (i.e., cream for coffee).
  6. University Union food and catering services will not be offered in combination or in conjunction with self-service refreshments.
  7. The use of the self-service refreshments must be scheduled and approved by the Union Event Services Office in advance of the event.  For self-service refreshments, the University Union will make a service charge payable by the organization in the amounts of $10 (for rooms that seat less than 20 people), $20 (for rooms that seat between 20 and 120), and $30 (for rooms that seat more than 120).  This charge will be in addition to any other applicable rental, early opening, extensive cleanup, damage or preemption of following event charges as noted within the Scheduling and Arrangement policies.
  8. No food is allowed in the Hinde Auditorium.
  9. All CSUS student clubs and organizations making use of this policy exception shall assume full and sole responsibilities for product liability and property damage liability, as well as for any damage or excessive cleanup costs resulting from their food preparation, handling, serving or control practices.

Change History

Adopted: April 30, 2002

Updated: November 7, 2012

Updated: March 13, 2019