General Statement

For many larger events the event sponsor requests access to the event space for decorating, rehearsal or set up far earlier than our normal room opening times allow. t is important to note that early access affects the Building Operations staff and the Catering staff timelines, so early access to the room may be limited and in some cases may not be approved.

Guidelines and Procedures

When early access is requested, the request must be received and approved by the Union Arrangements office no less than 72 hours before the event. Early access to the room for the event organizers (not attendees) of up to one hour before the event may be scheduled at no charge to the event sponsor. Early access for the organizer in excess of one hour will be charged to the event sponsor at the same facility use rate as the main event, when facility use fees apply. For events with a full catered meal when up to three hours of the facility use fees may be waived, the decorating time in excess of one hour will be considered part of the waived three hour period and, when applicable, be billed at the normal room rate.

Change History

Adopted: March 14, 2002